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Star Wars: The Old Republic Box Art
System/s: PC
Developer: BioWare
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Players: 1+
GD Score: 89
Press Scores
Release Date:
N. America: Dec. 20, 2011
Europe: Dec. 15, 2011
Australia: N/A
Japan: N/A
ESRB: Teen (Blood and Gore, Mild Language, Sexual Themes, Violence)

Star Wars: The Old Republic Datacron Location Guide (Planet Tython, Ord Mantell, Coruscant, Taris)


Author: GD Staff  

Star Wars: The Old Republic Datacron Location Guide (Coordinates, Rewards, etc.)

Who doesn't love collectibles? Scattered across the many worlds of Star Wars: The Old Republic are the Datacrons, ancient artifacts crafted by the long-extinct Infinite Empire. While some are "hidden in plain sight", others require a great deal of ingenuity - and eyes like a hawk - to even see, let alone access. 

Picking up a Datacron will do one of two things: either your character will receive a permanent stat boost, or they'll receive a matrix shard (which can be used to make Matrix Cube, some of the most epic pieces of equipment available. We'll take a look at Matrix Shards and Cubes in our next guide.

In most cases, they will also get a codex entry that offers some insight into the civilization that created the artifacts or galactic history as a whole.

The stat boost or matrix shard color you receive from a Datacron is based on the artifact's color. Red is strength, Green is endurance, White is aim, Purple is willpower, Yellow is presence, and Orange is cunning. Currently, there are only four known colors of matrix shards - red, blue, green, and orange. Suffice it to say, seeking out these small, glowing information cubes is definitely worth the effort. Let's have a look at where they can be found on Republic-controlled worlds, shall we? And keep coming back for more, as we'll be updating this guide.

Planet Tython

Faction: The Galactic Republic

Number of Datacrons:

Other Notes: Starting planet for Jedi

Green Datacron

Reward: +2 Endurance, Galactic History 09: The Force Wars

Coordinates: 32, -100

Directions: On an English map, go to the area directly south of the "F" in "Flesh Raider Territory". Once you've arrived there, jump into the water, and head north, you should find a large cave which contains a short  passageway- at the end of that passageway, you'll find your Datacron. 

Purple Datacron

Reward: +2 Willpower, Galactic History 10: The Tion Cluster

Coordinates: -643, -70

Directions: First, make your way to the northwestern-most end of the Ruins of Kaleth, and climb to the highest level. There, at around -650, 49, 4, there'll be a massive column you can run along-the only one of its type in the ruins. After climbing up, you'll arrive on a grassy cliff overlooking the ruins. Go to the top of this cliff, and you'll find a Datacron. 

Blue Datacron

Reward: Blue Matrix Shard, Galactic History 11: The Tionese Face The Hutt Empire

Coordinates: -90, 920

Directions: Once you're in the Forge Remnants, open your map, and go to the point at which the two main roads meet.  From there, head due west. You should come across a small group of Flesh Raiders standing around a dead end. Near these raiders is a small opening in the wall. Go through this opening into a small grassy area, and follow the path southeast to find the final Datacron, on a slightly raised area inside a ruined building. Careful, it's guarded by an elite flesh raider. 

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Ord Mantell

Faction: Republic

Number of Datacrons: 3

Other Notes: Starting planet for Troopers and Smugglers

Red Datacron

Reward: Red Matrix Shard, Galactic History 14: The Fall of Tion

Coordinates: 779, 132

Directions: This Datacron is situated in a small cave on the beach north of Mannett Point Island. Unfortunately, though it's pretty easy to find, it's also guarded by a level 6 elite- you might want to wait until you're just about ready to leave Ord Mantell before tackling this one. 

White Datacron

Reward: +2 Aim, Galactic History 12: The Birth Of The Republic

Coordinates: -656, -550

Directions: On Savrip Island, go to the crashed ship, and climb up the mountain nearby. The Datacron's right at the peak.  Keep on your toes; Savrip Island's an elite area. 

Yellow Datacron

Reward: +2 Presence, Galactic History 13: The First Great Schism

Coordinates:  -977

Directions: On Savrip Island, go west of the volcano. The Daracron will be on the beach. 

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Faction: Republic

Number of Datacrons: 5

Other Notes: Coruscant is the Republic Capital. As a result, these Datacrons are currently inaccessible to Sith Empire players. 

Yellow Datacron

Reward: +2 Presence,

Coordinates: 2318, 1060

Directions: This Datacron's one of the easiest to locate, but also one of the more difficult artifacts to obtain.  Just hop onto the lift that'll be just to your left after crossing the bridge into the Old Market District. 

Note: While it's located right in the open, it's also guarded by a level 11 elite and several non-elite mobs. You might need to enlist some help to acquire this one. 

Green Datacron: 

Reward: +2 Endurance, Galactic History 04: King Adas

Coordinates: -3625, 150

Directions: You're going to have to do some pretty significant legwork to acquire this Datacron. First, climb up the huge pile of crates and boxes in Graffiti Square. Eventually, you'll find yourself on a ledge overlooking the area below. Follow that ledge until you reach a set of broken pipes, then jump onto the first one, and follow it until your each another ledge. From there, jump down onto a pipe that leads back the way you came. Eventually, you should reach a large neon sign. Travel across the sign, then perform a running jump towards the end to make it to the final platform, where your well-earned Datacron awaits you. 

Orange Datacron 1

Reward: Cunning +2, Galactic History 05: Rise of the Infinite Empire

Coordinates: 1021, 3967,

Directions:  In the Justicar Territory Shipping Docks, you'll find an ‘island' which divides two of the main roads. On this island, there's a stack of crates. Climb them; then run across the pipe at the top to get to the Datacron. Time your jumps carefully; this might take you a few tries. 

Orange Datacron 2

Reward: Orange Matrix Shard, Galactic History 06: The Infinite Empire Collapses

Coordinates:  949, 4540

Directions: This one is located in The Works, in the northeastern-most corridor, Pipeline Passageway. At the end of the hallway (just before you turn left to drop back to the first level); climb up some nearby boxes to make your way onto a set of pipes. Follow these pipes until you reach the Datacron, but watch your step- it's very easy to fall off these pipes and down into different areas of the sector. 

Note: There's an elite Cthlon near the boxes you need to climb. Be careful not to draw its attention. 

Red Datacron

Reward: +2 Strength, Galactic History 07: The First Spaceflights

Coordinates: -3088, 3031

Directions: At the northern end of the Jedi Ruins, there's a large column that you can use to climb up to the second level. Run along the edge of the platform it takes you to, heading towards the southwest area of the temple. Eventually, you'll come across Anew Xydes; an elite Dark Jedi.  Past him, there's a ledge overlooking the central area (you'll have to jump down to it) which holds the final Datacron on Coruscant. 

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Faction: Independent, occupied by The Republic

Number of Datacrons: 7

Other Notes:  Most of the Datacrons on Taris are faction-specific. 



Green Datacron

Reward: Endurance +3 , Galactic History 48: The Audiences on Onderon

Coordinates: -1513, -255

Directions: In the Republic Resettlement, go to -1367, -208. Here, there’s a ledge against a wall - follow it, and eventually you’ll reach a walkway. Ignore the walkway, and hug the wall to your left until you reach a grated metal platform. Below this is a red pipe you’ll need to jump down onto- go to the left side of the bent metal, and jump down. Follow the red pipe, and you’ll eventually reach a silver pipe. Jump onto that pipe, and drop down onto the ledge at the very end.  Follow this ledge, eventually jumping onto the ledge at the right after you pass a slightly raised portion. Finally, jump off the platform onto a red pipe with gray walkway overtop of it (this pipe should be right after a platform near a broken roof), and you’ll have your Datacron. 

Blue Datacron

Reward: Aim +4, Galactic History 49: Exar Kun

Coordinates: 1048, -189

Directions: In Tularan Marsh, go towards the pipe that leads from the ground to the upper walkways (around 1186, -189). Walk up this pipe, then drop to the platform below and go southeast. Eventually, there should be a twisted beam to your right-follow it, and jump onto a nearby ledge. From this ledge, drop to a large metal platform. This platform will take you to another series of ledges, where you should jump from the platform onto an outcropping, and proceed to follow that outcropping further south. Next, hug the wall near the vertical support beams. Finally, there should be a walkway jutting out of a pillar- jump onto it. Go due north, and the Datacron should be on the north side of some vertical beams. 

Purple Datacron

Reward: Willpower +4, Galactic History 50: Basilisk

Coordinates: 444, -772

Directions: Time to do some platforming. In The Sinking City, at 367, -907, you’ll find a large, fallen metal column. Climb one of the two edges of this column, and when you get to the top, jump to the right. After you do this, keep right, and walk over to another nearby set of girders, perpendicular to the one you’re on. Jump over to it.  Follow it all the way to the end (depending what side you’re on, you may have to jump across), then walk around the large column you arrive at, onto yet another perpendicular beam. If you’re going the right way, you’ll catch a peek at the Datacron.  Now for the tricky part. You’re going to need to angle the camera so that it’s directly above your character, then jump down onto a nearby archway (located at 356, -785). If you don’t angle the jump properly….you will die. Once you’ve safely landed, go in the general direction of the Datacron, making one last jump across a small chasm. Be careful as you get close to the Datacron’s location - there’s a small crack in the floor that you could very easily fall through to your death.  Aside from the crack in the floor, it’s smooth sailing after the last jump. 

Yellow Datacron

Reward: Presence +4, Galactic History 51: The Krath Cult Strikes

Coordinates: 1187, -137

Directions: At the transport station, look around for an outcropping of metal, at the center of which should be a jutting pipe. Walk onto this pipe, and jump onto a bit of nearby scaffolding. From here, jump onto another nearby piece of scaffolding, and there’s your Datacron. 

Orange Datacron

Reward: Cunning +4, Galactic History 52: Exar Kun Faces Korriban

Coordinates: -642, -299

Directions: In the Brell Sediment, there’ll be an entrance to an Abandoned Pirate Cave. Go through this Cave, and you’ll eventually reach the republic mines. Use the Bulldozer located at -627, 207 to reach the scaffolding, then travel along the boxes and pipes that line the edge of the room. Once you’ve reached a large stack of crates, look down- the Datacron will be sitting pretty on some scaffolding immediately below you. 


Blue-White Datacron

Reward: Aim +2, Galactic History 23: 

Coordinates: -1513, -255

Directions: The steps for getting this one are actually identical to the steps for getting the Empire’s Endurance +3 Datacron.  In the Republic Resettlement, go to -1367, -208. Here, there’s a ledge against a wall - follow it, and eventually you’ll reach a walkway. Ignore the walkway, and hug the wall to your left until you reach a grated metal platform. Below this is a red pipe you’ll need to jump down onto - go to the left side of the bent metal, and jump down. Follow the red pipe, and you’ll eventually reach a silver pipe. Jump onto that pipe, and drop down onto the ledge at the very end. Follow this ledge, eventually jumping onto the ledge at the right after you pass a slightly raised portion. Finally, jump off the platform onto a red pipe with gray walkway overtop of it (this pipe should be right after a platform near a broken roof), and you’ll have your Datacron. 

Orange Datacron

Reward: Cunning +2, Galactic History 24: Empress Tea

Coordinates: 1054, 454

Directions: At the Derelict Swoop Track, go to 1182, 263 and head up a pipe. When you reach the top of said pipe, drop down and to the left.  From here, follow the path and drop down again onto yet another path. Follow this path, but keep an eye out for pitfalls and drops. Eventually, you’ll see a gray walkway- jump onto it. The walkway leads to a gray pipe near a large tree. Jump onto this pipe, and then jump up into a new area. To your left, you’ll see a piece of metal that bends upward. Go towards it, and go onto a ledge nearby- the Datacron will be around a wall to the right. 

Red Datacron

Reward: Strength +2, Galactic History 25: 2 Rivals

Coordinates: 1187, -136

Directions: Near the phased instance at Transport Station 6; turn left and go up a hill, fighting your way through several groups of hostile mobs. At the top of the hill, go left again, and you’ll find yourself atop a flat-roofed dilapidated building. At the edge of this building is a pipe- follow it, and go straight up the ramps at the end. Enjoy your Datacron. 

Purple Datacron

Reward: Willpower +2, Galactic History 26: Naga Sadow’s Deceptions

Coordinates: -364, -221

Directions: At the lowest section of the bottom level of the Dynamet General Hospital Research Level, you should find two sets of stairs, side by side. Behind the right staircase is a stack of crates, and behind these crates is a hallway that leads to a Purple Datacron. 

White Datacron

Reward: Green Matrix Shard, Galactic History 27: The Great Hyperspace War

Coordinates: -1059, -1040

Directions: Bring a friend for this one - it’s impossible to go alone. Enter the lower levels of the power plant, and you’ll notice the Datacron above the pipes, in the northeast corner of a large room that contains two ramps. In this room, there should also be a switch and platform. Have one player stand on the platform, and the other activate the switch - the player on the platform will find themselves up on the pipes. From here, it’s quite simple- just follow the pipes.  


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GD Staff

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