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Borderlands 2 Box Art
System/s: PC, PS Vita, PS3, X360
Developer: Gearbox Software
Publisher: 2K Games, Take-Two Interactive
Genre: RPG Shooter
Players: 1-4
GD Score: 98
Press Scores
Release Date:
N. America: Sep. 18, 2012
Europe: Sep. 21, 2012
Australia: Sep. 21, 2012
Japan: N/A
ESRB: Mature (Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Language, Sexual Themes, Use of Alcohol)

Borderlands 2 Collectibles: Vault Symbols Guide


Author: GD Staff  


Hero's pass (2)

This one's pretty difficult to miss. As you enter the zone, turn left. The symbol is directly to the right of the two vending machines, against the cliff face.

Near the mid-point of the pass, where the path curves south, you'll find yourself near a set of stairs, leading up to a bridge that spans a river of lava. Instead of taking the stairs, go under them, follow a small, stone path. The symbol's on one of the bridge's supports. Watch your step; that lava's a touch hot. 

Lynchwood (2)

Go straight east from the zone entrance until you reach a residential area with tracks running through the center. Just before these tracks (which you should be following) disappear into a tunnel, climb the stairs up the building on your left. Once you're on the building's roof, make a running jump to the building just across the way (the one with the orange and yellow gas tank). Use the toilet on top of that building to climb up to the top. From here, the symbol should be visible. It'll be one more running jump (this is the tough part) 

Start at the northernmost vendor in the area, and start heading west until you reach a chest positioned against the wall of a building. use that chest to get up onto the roof, then jump from the roof onto a small, stone outcropping. Move from that outcropping onto a blue, square roof, then drop from that roof down to the area's final vault symbol. 

Eridium Blight (3)

You'll find this one near the map's western edge, close to the shop. You should find yourself in front of a large, square building, with several satellite dishes on top. Take the stairs up to the roof, then jump off the building's northern edge. You should see the symbol against the wall, under some pipes. 

Starting from the Blight's northeastern exit, head due west. Eventually, to your right,  you should see a bridge leading north; the entrance flanked by fences of scrap metal and corrugated sheet metal. Once you've crossed this bridge, keep your eyes to the left. you'll find the symbol etched into a large, rectangular storage crate. 

Go straight north from the Blight's southwestern exit, until you find yourself in a small compound. You'll find the last symbol in the area on a building to the east.  

Opportunity (2)

Towards the northwestern edge of the map, under one of the small bridges near a vending machine. You'll need to jump down into the water and crouch to get to it. 

First, make your way to the vending machines on the southwest edge of the map. From there, head northeast until you see a large pit surrounded by several scaffolding units and a crane. Jump down that pit(or take the stairs, your choice). From there, you'll want to look for a lone, blue pipe. Jump over that pipe, then crouch down underneath the nearby walkway. Finally, turn left, then left again, and look up.

Arid Nexus - Boneyard (2)

First, grab a vehicle from the Catch a Ride station on the western edge of the map. Dive straight south, and you'll find the symbol on the wall of a small tower. It's pretty hard to miss. 

Head northeast from the southeastern catch a ride station, until you reach what looks like a long, snaking, segmented pipe. Search for a ramp that'll let you get up on top of said pipe, and follow it until you reach the second symbol of the area. Again, you can't miss it if you know what to look for. 

Vault of the Warrior (1)

Head south past the Fast Travel terminal until you find yourself on a grated catwalk over a lake of lava. Immediately after walking up a ramp, you'll see a small platform with some crates on it to your left. drop down onto those crates, and look to the right. 

Natural Selection Annex (1)

Inside one of the cages towards the eastern side of the zone, etched into the roof. It's pretty easy to find. Unfortunately, you need to have either preordered the game, or enter the game of a player who did in order to access this one. 

Ore Chasm (1)

Head straight from the area entrance to the elevator, and take it down. You'll need to be quick for this next part. Send the elevator back up, and you'll notice the vault symbol is on the bottom of it. You can either grab it while it's ascending, or bring the lift back down again and pick it up before it hits the ground. 

Sawtooth Cauldron (2)

Towards the center of the zone, you'll find an elevator near a vending machine. Activate the elevator, but don't stay in it. Jump out onto the top of it. Wait until it passes the fourth horizontal girder, then jump off to your left onto the fifth. You'll find the symbol nearby.

 After you've nabbed the first symbol, you're going to want to go as far west as you possibly can, until you reach a small, potato-shaped area (that's really the best way to describe it). The second symbol is inside a metal shack. 

The Bunker (1)

This one's a bit tricky. It's near the fast travel terminal, on the southeastern segment of the bunker's outer ring. Look for a small stack of crates next to a hole in the fence and some greenery, and jump from those crates into the foliage. The symbol's a straight shot through the plants. 

Terramorphous Peak (1)

As if the massive, terrifying secret boss wasn't enough to worry about, there's also a Vault symbol to be found in the area where you fight Terramorphous. The bad news is, you're probably going to need some help from another player to get this one (or just hope Terramorphous sends you sailing into the stratosphere with one of his attacks). Wait for one of the players to drop down into the arena, then as the grating is closing, immediately jump down and look forward and slightly up. The symbol should be directly in front of you.

Posted on 10/04/2012 | ? COMMENTS
GD Staff

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