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Borderlands 2 Box Art
System/s: PC, PS Vita, PS3, X360
Developer: Gearbox Software
Publisher: 2K Games, Take-Two Interactive
Genre: RPG Shooter
Players: 1-4
GD Score: 98
Press Scores
Release Date:
N. America: Sep. 18, 2012
Europe: Sep. 21, 2012
Australia: Sep. 21, 2012
Japan: N/A
ESRB: Mature (Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Language, Sexual Themes, Use of Alcohol)

Borderlands 2 Collectibles: Vault Symbols Guide


Author: GD Staff  

Gearbox Software wasn't kidding when they said Borderlands 2 was bigger and better than its predecessor. In addition to the massive selection of quests and sidequests, there's also a metric ton of collectibles scattered throughout Pandora, just waiting to be tracked down by enterprising players. These collectibles take two forms: Vault Symbols and Lost ECHOs. Today, we're going to look at helping you seek out the Vault Symbols.

Borderlands 2 (PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U) Vault Symbols Guide

Scattered all throughout Pandora, these hidden etchings are the leavings of a mysterious organization known only as "The Cult of the Vault." Tracking down these inscriptions nets you a tidy bundle of Badass points, and it grants the "Cult of the Vault" challenge. While some of them are out in the open (and hence, fairly simple to find) others are... not so obvious, and they require a bit more legwork (and a helping hand or two). Thankfully, you have this guide to help you along your way. 

Let's get started, shall we?

Windshear Waste (1):

Next to the fire in Claptrap's place is a closet. Open it, and you'll find the vault symbol inside. 

Southern Shelf (2):

Take the elevator up to the shop where you purchased your shield, and then turn right on the porch. Climb up to the roof; then drop down onto a small platform that contains the symbol.

You can find this one while doing the main quest. After you kill Flynt, look up by Claptrap's ship, up in the top left area of the arena. Jump down a large hole, and walk along several sets of metal beams. Move slightly to the right, and you'll fall down near the symbol. 

Southern Shelf Bay (2) :

Go to the far southern portion of the map, and you'll find a partially submerged boat. Look inside the captain's cabin, and the symbol should be against the right wall, between two portholes.

In the bandit camp to the northeast of the area, look for a building with four octagonal support columns. The symbol is on the wall behind the building.

Three Horns Divide (3):

Shortly after you find the power core that grants you entry into Sanctuary, look for two buildings against the southern edge of the area. Go out along a metal walkway, and you'll see the symbol on the back of the easternmost building, right at the edge. 

After you've discovered the first symbol, you'll want to travel north into the Dry Docks area (it's directly in the middle of the map). Once you're there, go as far north as you can, then take a look at the back wall of a nearby building. 

Leave the dry docks, and head southwest, looking for a billboard. It's pretty much a straight shot from the Dry Docks entrance. Once you're there, simply climb the billboard, and look against the back of it. There's your symbol

Sanctuary (5):

Behind a stack of tires in Scooter's Garage, on the floor. 

In an alleyway to the left of Marcus's gun shop, near a dumpster. 

Above the southwestern exit to Moxxi's. You can't miss it. 

Use the bench in front of Marcus's store to climb up to the rooftops, then jump across to Earl's once you're up there. Next, jump to the roof of the building next to Earl's, and finally, down onto the balcony which hides the symbol. 

In the middle of the central plaza, there's a news stand. Behind that stand is the roof that contains your vault symbol. In order to access it, you'll need to go through the Command Center. Climb up to the second floor, and go from there onto the rooftops STay to the right until you see a rounded rooftop. Use it to jump to the rooftops across the street.

Three Horns Valley (3):

Right next to the entrance to Southpaw Steam and Power. Climb up into the fort next to the fast travel terminal, then follow the western edge of the wall until you come to a cluster of pipes. Drop down onto them, and it'll be to the north, in an alcove with several chests, just past where the pipes end. 

Go as far south in the valley as you can, until you come to a lake. Near that lake is a shack next to a steam piston, containing two Badass enemies. After you've taken care of the enemies, you'll find your symbol on the southern wall of the shack. 

There's a bandit fort in the northeastern area of Three Horns which you'll need the Bandit Technical to enter. Once you've gotten it from The Dust, use it to unlock the entrance to the stronghold. From the drawbridge controls, turn left and follow the western wall of the building until you find the last symbol in Three Horns Valley. 

Southpaw Steam and Power (3):

This one's right near the entrance to the area - you can choose to go for it immediately upon entering Southpaw Steam and Power, or you can wait until you've cleared out all the assassins. Find the large Southpaw Steam and Power sign, and then drop down to the bottom floor. The symbol will be the northeast corner, on the wall adjacent to one of the ladders. 

After you've taken down your first assassin, you'll see a large pipe jutting out over a chasm, near some broken railing(there's a large fan on the opposite wall from the pipe). Jump onto the pipe, and then follow it until you can jump from it onto a nearby ledge. Climb the pipes on that ledge, and you'll reach the symbol. 

After you've taken down the second assassin, look for a large, rotating cog next to an engine. Jump on this gear, ride it up, and move past several steam pipes - the symbol should be on a wall directly in front of you. Take care that you don't fall. 

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Posted on 10/04/2012 | ? COMMENTS
GD Staff

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