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Crysis 3 Box Art
System/s: PC, PS3, X360
Developer: Crytek UK, Crytek Studios
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Genre: First-Person Shooter
Players: 1+
GD Score: 77
Press Scores
Release Date:
N. America: Feb. 19, 2013
Europe: Feb. 22, 2013
Australia: Feb. 21, 2013
Japan: Mar. 7, 2013
ESRB: Mature (Blood, Strong Language, Violence)

Crysis 3 Nanosuit Upgrade Modules and Packages Guide


Author: GD Staff  

In Crysis 3, players will constantly improve the Nanosuit of Major Laurence "Prophet" Barnes through Upgrade Modules.

Right out of the gate, it's important to spend unlocks on modules from each of the four categories listed below in order to maximize your abilities. That's because players can only equip one module from each row for a total of four Nanosuit Upgrade Modules at a time.

Crysis 3 Nanosuit Upgrade Modules and Packages Guide

Matching four modules together creates a Package. Packages can be saved for quick access. Creating Packages out of Nanosuit Upgrade Modules that make sense will give you the best chance at survival in Crysis 3.

You can mix and match Nanosuit Upgrade Modules in myriad ways, but we've put together a handful of tidy ones for you. If you come up with some that you feel are even better or interesting, let us know in the comments section below and we will add them to this Nanosuit Upgrade Modules and Packages Guide.

Nanosuit Upgrade Modules Packages / Load-outs

Silent But Deadly Super Stealth, Energy Upgrade, Extended Cloak, Assassin
Survivalist Endurance, Deflection, First Aid, Heavy Armor
Brute Brute Force, Deflection, Super Strength, Heavy Armor
Vanguard Sensor Upgrade, Threat Detector, Weapon Handling, Light Armor
Sniper Sensor Upgrade, Reflex Boost, Weapon Handling, Verticality

Nanosuit Upgrade Modules - Category 1

Uprgrade Module Cost Buff Max Bonus Unlock Condition
Super Stealth 1 50% faster cloaking, 50% scanner resistance, highlight enemy footprints Increase bonus to 75% Remain cloaked while amidst enemies for at least 60 secs
Sensor Upgrade 1 Radar / zoom upgrade, hack assistance, enemy sound boost Double effectiveness Tag 20 targets
Brute Force 3 25% stronger Power Kick, 25% more powerful Air Stomp Increase range to 25% Kill 10 targets with the Power Kick and 10 more with Air Stomp
Endurance 2 33% longer sprint duration, 33% improved Aquatic Movement Increase bonus to 50% Sprint and swim for 1,000 meters

Nanosuit Upgrade Modules - Category 2

Uprgrade Module Cost Buff Max Bonus Unlock Condition
Deflection 1 50% bullet impact dampening, bullets bounce off, 50% faster knockback recovery Increase bonus up to 75% Absorb 10,000 points of damage
Threat Detector 1 Show enemy tracer fire, highlight hazards, highlight explosives Increase highlight range by 50% Tag 20 targets
Energy Upgrade 2 25% EMP protection, 25% faster energy recharge, 25% less HUD interference Increase bonus to 50% Regenerate 10,000 energy
Reflex Boost 2 25% faster weapon reloading, 25% faster aiming down sights, 25% faster weapon swap Increase bonus to 50% Kill 20 enemies within 1 sec of aiming down sights

Nanosuit Upgrade Modules - Category 3

Uprgrade Module Cost Buff Max Bonus Unlock Condition
Extended Cloak 3 20% longer cloak duration, stealthier movement Increase bonus to 33% Remain cloaked while amidst enemies for at least 60 secs
First Aid 1 25% faster health regeneration, 25% increase in critical health boost Increase bonus to 50% Survive 5 near-death moments and regenerate 5,000 health points
Super strength 3 25% stronger throwing, 25% stronger Power Melee Increase bonus to 50% Grab and throw 5 enemies and use Power Melee on 5 enemies
Weapon Handling 1 50% faster semi-auto fire, unlock Stabilization Increase bonus to 75% Kill 20 Enemies

Nanosuit Upgrade Modules - Category 4

Uprgrade Module Cost Buff Max Bonus Unlock Condition
Heavy Armor 3 20% stronger armor, 20% less falling and burning damage, 33% slower armor movement Increase bonus to 33% Absorb 5,000 damage
Sensor Upgrade 1 25% faster stealth kills with full cloak during stealth kills Increase bonus to 50% Make 20 stealth kills
Light Armor 1 25% faster armor movement, 25% extra melee protection, 50% less armor protection Increase bonus to 50% Absorb 5,000 damage
Verticality 2 50% faster ledge grabs, 50% less energy for Power Jump, unlock aiming for Power Jump Increase bonus to 75% Power Jump 20 times and grab 20 ledges
Posted on 02/22/2013 | ? COMMENTS
GD Staff

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