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Killzone: Mercenary Box Art
System/s: PS Vita
Developer: Guerrilla Games
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE)
Genre: First-Person Shooter
Players: 1+
GD Score: 78
Press Scores
Release Date:
N. America: Sep. 10, 2013
Europe: Sep. 4, 2013
Australia: TBA 2013
Japan: Sep. 5, 2013
ESRB: Mature (Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Language, Partial Nudity)

Killzone: Mercenary – Complete Intel Guide


Author: Nora Bartel  

In addition to main missions in Killzone: Mercenary, the game also has special contracts, which are essentially a special mission mode.  Each contract features six special collectibles known as Intel, three from questioning special characters and three from hacking terminals. Collecting them all will net you the silver Fully Briefed trophy.  There are 54 pieces of Intel total, and finding them all can be tough. We've created a guide listing all the locations for each Intel in all 9 contracts, so you can find them all and achieve that platinum!

Killzone: Mercenary (PS Vita) Guide Screenshots

Contract 1 – Justice For All

Signal from the Fleet

Ivanov will tell you to interrogate the Helghast officer.  Talking to him gives you the Intel.

Briefing #573968

After killing the first officer, go straight ahead and try to enter the locked room.  Ivanov tells you there is another way to enter.  Look for a broken window and jump through onto the ledge.  There is a terminal on the ledge to hack.

Why We Fight 

Getting this Intel is tricky.  You must get the security officer to come out of the security office.  To do this, you have to clear out the area and go to the side of the room that is damaged.  There will be an area you can go into by crouching.  Inside, climb a pipe.  Once ascended, there will be a valve for you to turn.  You will have to kill some enemies that approach.  Once the valve has been completely turned, the vents to the security office will be open.  Throw in a gas grenade and he will come stumbling out.  Then, you can tranquilize him in order to interrogate him.

Report #KL38T

After you rappel down into the courtroom, go through the locked door to the left.  Clear the room and hack the door.  Behind the door is a security guard for you to interrogate.

Orders to Col. Kratec

When you are in the courtroom area, climb the stairs to reach Blackjack's Armory.  Inside, activate the switch to unlock the cells.  Inside, at the reception area, is a terminal to hack.

Private Correspondence

Opposite of Blackjack's Armory, enter the conference room by smashing the windows.  Use the terminal in the corner.

Contract 2 – Code of Engagement

The Autarch's Command 

In the big area at the beginning of the contract, where you first encounter Helghast, there is a terminal on the ground.

Cruiser Status Report

After killing the first Helghast, follow the mission objective and come to an outside courtyard.  Sneak up to the Vektan soldier here and interrogate him.

Brief #PU49N

Progress until you reach the wing of the Cruiser.  Interrogate the officer who is patrolling this area.

Report #VR76M

Find the Blackjack Armory after the Cruiser area.  A terminal will be right next to it.

From High Command

When you get the next mission objective to find the server room, go around the corner and interrogate the soldier here.

Cargo Inventory

After you meet up with Ivanov, use the terminal before you go through the door to leave.

Contract 3 – Lightning Strike

Arc Battery Schematics

At the start of the mission, go up the stairs and find a locked door.  Shoot out the window to gain entry to the room and use the terminal inside.

Arc Network Report

Progress until you reach the generator room.  Inside, find the terminal under the surveillance camera.  

Defense Status Update

Go into the next room after the generator area.  Interrogate the solider patrolling this barracks room.

Arc Technology

Reach an area that is directly above the generator room.  Interrogate the officer patrolling this room.

Report #VR89K

Progress and find the open area with turrets.  Go to the back of the area to find a control room with an officer to interrogate.

Orders to Arc Batteries

Find the first floor control room, where you must lower a shield.  Search for a terminal in this area.

Contract 4 – Diplomatic Incident

Report #KL53U

At the start of the mission, go up the ladder.  Interrogate the soldier patrolling the courtyard.

Embassy Schematics

After finding the first soldier, go inside and up the stairs.  Find a terrace with another officer to question.

Asylum Request

In the building, find a hackable door on the left.  Go to the back of this room to find a terminal.

Orders to Task Force

Progress until you come across two Helghast.  You need to find a soldier on the second floor in this area.  Interrogate him.

Scientific Research

Go to the area directly below the above officer.  There is a terminal here.

Intercepted Intelligence

After you get Boris and Justus downstairs, look to the left to find the terminal.

Contract 5 – The Package

District Police Orders

Go straight ahead from the start, past the civilian.  You need to interrogate an officer in the open area.

Directive #DB67H

Interrogate a soldier in the room you have you open for Justus.

A Living Resource

Take out all the enemies after you get attacked at the bridge.  Find the terminal near the generator.

Arrest Order #XV32U

Use the elevator to ascend.  There will be a Helghast patrolling the area here and a Helghast interrogating a civilian.  Quietly take out the patrol and then interrogate the other Helghast.

Report #VR95W

After interrogating the Helghast above, move forward into a shop and find a terminal behind a counter.

Stinger Field Assessment

After you defeat the Heavy Helghast, go into the room it came out of.  There is a terminal in this room.

Contract 6 – Lights Out

Orders to Security

At the start of the level, go down the stairs and interrogate the patrolling soldier.

Refinery Schematics

In the same area as above, find a terminal on the left hand side.

Pyrrhus Refinery 

Progress through the mission until you place a D-Charge.  Directly above this area, on the right side, is a terminal.

Report #JL28X

Take the elevator and find the officer walking downstairs.  Take out the guard before him, shoot out the security camera to left, and move forward to interrogate the officer.

Meltdown Projection

After you destroy the turret as part of the mission, go into a room with Helghast.  Find the terminal in this room.

Seized Correspondence 

Near the second AA turret, an officer will be patrolling.  Interrogate him.

Contract 7 – Hostile Takeover

Exo Field Assessment

In the beginning area of the contract, there is a room with two entrances.  Find the terminal here.

Interrogation Protocols

After you see the scene with a civilian hostage, there will be a large room.  Interrogate the solider standing at the top of the stairs.

Report #5678D

Keep moving forward after you interrogate the above soldier.  There will be another person to interrogate in a room.

Eyes Only – Cmd. Benoit

In the room where the hostage is being interrogated, there is a terminal on the right wall.

Interrogation Transcript

Return to the courtyard and fight through the ambush.  A door will explode open and enemies will come out – there is a soldier you must interrogate in the back of this room.

Orders to Desist

In the same room as above, there is a terminal on a table.

Contract 8 – Blood Money

Facility X01 Schematic

After you deactivate the AA guns at the start of the mission, head through the door that the ISA troops come in through and find a terminal to hack.

The New Sun

After taking the elevator down, there will be a soldier to interrogate.  This one is hard to miss.

Eschaton Final Testing

In the same room as above, climb one of the ladders and then a pole on the left side.  Then, cross to the other side and look for a hatch to open on the floor.  Go inside and find a terminal to the right.

Eshaton Plasmid Trigger

Find Lab 01 and go to the back corner to find the control room.  Inside is a terminal to hack.

Demolition Orders

Progress until you reach the destroyed lab.  There is an officer to interrogate right outside.

Admiral Grey's Statement

Plant the D-Charges inside the vault and prepare for many troops to appear.  After this event, interrogate a special person who arrives with the troops.

Contract 9 – Exit Wounds

Report #KL78B

After you go down the elevator, a soldier to interrogate will be standing right in front of you.

Eschaton Impact

After you go down the elevator, find a ladder going up.  There is a terminal to hack here.

Blackjack Communications

Progress through the mission.  When Justus throws you a rope, don't take it just yet.  First, go left to find the terminal here.

Project Red Dust 

After getting the above Intel, climb the rope and then climb a ladder.  Go left to find another terminal.

Assault Force Orders

After you climb the rope, troops will attack you.  Kill them and interrogate the remaining officer.

Retirement Plan

To get this last Intel, you must defeat the final boss without actually killing him.  After he is defeated, you can interrogate him.

Posted on 09/16/2013 | ? COMMENTS
Nora Bartel

Nora has been writing for over a decade and playing video games for even longer. She has a special penchant for JRPGs, horror games, and Steam sales.

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