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Grand Theft Auto V Box Art
System/s: PC, PS3, PS4, X360, XB1
Developer: Rockstar North, Rockstar Games
Publisher: Rockstar Games, Take-Two Interactive
Genre: Open-World Action/Adventure
Players: 1+
GD Score: 95
Press Scores
Release Date:
N. America: Sep. 17, 2013
Europe: Sep. 17, 2013
Australia: Sep. 17, 2013
Japan: Q3 2013
ESRB: Mature (Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Mature Humor, Nudity, Strong Language, Strong Sexual Content, Use of Drugs and Alcohol)

Grand Theft Auto V – Spaceship Parts Locations Guide


Author: Nora Bartel  

The new game in the Grand Theft Auto series has a ton to do. Grand Theft Auto V is bigger than GTA IV, GTA: San Andreas, and Red Dead Redemption combined, and it shows in the sheer amount of activities you can do. One of the toughest yet most rewarding challenges is building a spaceship. This vehicle, called the Space Docker, features two large boosters and plenty of alien technology. It also nets you the bronze trophy/15 point achievement “From Beyond the Stars”.

To start looking for spaceship parts in GTA V, you must complete the mission ‘Far Out’ from the Strangers and Freaks event involving Omega. Spaceship parts can be tricky to find, but they will give off a pulsing light at night, and they will make a humming noise when you get close. Bringing Chop the dog along will also help, because Chop might bark at the parts when you are nearby.  

Grand Theft Auto V – Spaceship Parts Guide

Spaceship Part 1

This part is found in the Los Santos Gas Company, on a large pipe connecting two gas tanks.

Spaceship Part 2

Find a hanger at the Los Santos International Airport that you can buy as Franklin.  The spaceship part is next to a trash can outside the hanger.

Spaceship Part 3

Near a dock off the south part of the map, dive into the water and find the part under an old metal structure.

Spaceship Part 4

Off the south edge of the map near the Murrieta Oil Fields, find a small rocky island with the part on it.

Spaceship Part 5

This part is in a storm drain, south of the Elysian Island Fields Freeway.

Spaceship Part 6

There is a large rock carving in Roncho.  The part is at the bottom of the carving.

Spaceship Part 7

In the El Burro Heights Oil Fields, the part is in a large trash can.

Spaceship Part 8

Find the heliport at Los Santos Medical Center using a helicopter.  The part is here.

Spaceship Part 9

In Strawberry, go underneath the Olympic Freeway and find the part in the homeless people’s camp.

Spaceship Part 10

In Vespucci, find the Liquor Hole.  Climb to the top of the billboard over the store using a ladder at the back.

Spaceship Part 11

Go to Murrieta Heights and find the dam.  Use a ladder to find the part on the catwalks of the dam.

Spaceship Part 12

To get this part, you’ll have to reach the tower at Vinewood Lake.  To do so, you’ll need to parachute down from a helicopter.

Spaceship Part 13

Find a cave in Tongva Hills.  It’s easiest to parachute in to get closest to the cave and grab the part.

Spaceship Part 14

The next part is in Simmet Alley in Textile City.  Find the part on a corner next to the Bean Machine coffee shop.

Spaceship Part 15

Use a helicopter to grab this part on top of the Penris Building in Downtown.

Spaceship Part 16

This part is in the Underground Tram Station in Downtown.  The part is among debris is a larger room.  Use the visual and audio cues to help find it.

Spaceship Part 17

Go to the Richard’s Majestic movie set.  The part is on a balcony on one of the houses.

Spaceship Part 18

Go to Rockford Plaza and find a small garden in the middle of a driveway.  The part is behind a bush.

Spaceship Part 19

Go to Burton and find a motel there with a rooftop pool.  The part is in the pool.

Spaceship Part 20

Go to the pond in the Los Santos Gold Course in Rockland Hills.  The part in on a small island in the pond.

Spaceship Part 21

This part is in the Land Act Reservoir.  Dive down and look for the part under the dock.

Spaceship Part 22

This part is also in the Land Act Reservoir area.  Look for it near the big concrete pipes.

Spaceship Part 23

Go to the dam in Lake Vinewood.  The part is in the water, tucked between the dam and a support column.

Spaceship Part 24

Go to the beach near the Tataviuam Mountains.  The part is near the big rock arch that looks like a bridge.

Spaceship Part 25

Find the rehab center on Harlow Drive in Richman Glen.  The part is behind a tree here, close to the tennis court.

Spaceship Part 26

This part is on the rooftop of the Galileo Observatory in Vinewood Hills.  There are stairs next to the telescope to reach it.

Spaceship Part 27

Go to Banham County Drive.  The part is behind a house near a telescope.

Spaceship Part 28

Go to the wind farm and find an underwater cave to the south.  The part is inside.

Spaceship Part 29

Find Mount Haan Road in the Grand Senora Desert.  The part is found near a dirt road, sitting on the edge of the cliff.

Spaceship Part 30

This part is at the Marlowe Vineyard in Tongva Hills.  It’s in the fourth row of grapevines.

Spaceship Part 31

Go to Zancudo Barranca in Tongva Valley and find the part at the bottom of the waterfall.

Spaceship Part 32

Find a house with a welcome sign in Grand Senora Desert.  The part is under the sign.

Spaceship Part 33

Go to Great Chaparall and find an abandoned house.  The part is on the porch.

Spaceship Part 34

Go to the Grand Senora Desert near Harmony and find a large boat.  The part is here.

Spaceship Part 35

Go to the far west side of Grand Senora Desert and look for a satellite dish with the part sitting on top.

Spaceship Part 36

Find the Zancudo River in Great Chaparall and find the part under an old wooden bridge.

Spaceship Part 37

Go to the part of Zancudo River near the Alamo Sea.  The part is on the part of shore near a train bridge.

Spaceship Part 38

This part is in Sandy Shores.  Look for a big rock formation to find the part nearby.

Spaceship Part 39

This part is located on Mount Josiah.  It’s on a ledge towards the middle area of the hill.  You’ll have to use a helicopter to see it, and you can parachute down to the area.

Spaceship Part 40

Go to Beam Me Up Park in Sandy Shores.  The part is on a rooftop here.

Spaceship Part 41

This part is in the Alamo Sea.  Find it underwater in the cove by the old diner.

Spaceship Part 42

Head to Cassidy Creek and find this part under the Calafia Bridge.

Spaceship Part 43

Find a shed in Cape Catfish.  The part is here.  Cape Catfish is in the San Chianski Mountain Range area.

Spaceship Part 44

Find a platform on the Great Ocean Highway.  You’ll have to carefully parachute onto this platform to get the part.

Spaceship Part 45

Head towards a cow farm in Grapeseed.  It’s in the field near the cowshed.

Spaceship Part 46

Go to Paleto Beach.  The part is on a small island off the coast.

Spaceship Part 47

This part is on Mt. Chiliad.  Look for a large shed and find the part nearby.

Spaceship Part 48

Head to Paleto Forest next to Highway 1.  The part is near a pipe.

Spaceship Part 49

Go to the Paleto Bay fire tower.  The part is on the third floor.

Spaceship Part 50

Find the Donkey Punch Family Farm in Paleto Bay.  The part is near a shed by the gate.

Posted on 09/20/2013 | ? COMMENTS
Nora Bartel

Nora has been writing for over a decade and playing video games for even longer. She has a special penchant for JRPGs, horror games, and Steam sales.

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