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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Box Art
System/s: 3DS, DS/DSi, PC, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Wii U, X360, XB1
Developer: TT Games
Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive
Genre: Action/Adventure
Players: 1
GD Score: 85
Press Scores
Release Date:
N. America: Oct. 22, 2013
Europe: Nov. 15, 2013
Australia: Q4 2013
Japan: Q4 2013
ESRB: Everyone 10+ (Cartoon Violence)

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes – Deadpool Bricks Guide


Author: Nora Bartel  

Special bricks have been a part of the LEGO games since the beginning, but LEGO Marvel Super Heroes puts in a new twist. Instead of Red Bricks, you’ll need to find 11 Deadpool Bricks around the universe. Each brick is found in one of the 11 special bonus Deadpool missions after you complete the main story, and 4 are already unlocked for you. After you find a brick, you can buy it from Deadpool. The bricks can be used to activate special abilities!

To find Deadpool to buy the bricks, go to his room on the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier. Use the elevator to go down to the main area, and then go into the hallway that leads to the Control Room. Go left into another hallway and Deadpool’s room is to the right. It has a neon sign.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (3DS, DS/DSi, WiiU, PC, PS3, PS4, XB1, X360, PSVita) Guide Screenshots

Deadpool Brick #1

This brick is already unlocked. Use it to get the “Studs Score Multiplier x2” ability. This will double the worth of studs. It costs 1,000,000 studs. 

Deadpool Brick #2

This brick is found in the Daily Bugle level in NYC. Use someone with telekinesis to arrange the trophies in the office to get it. This one gives you the “Studs Score Multiplier x4” ability. Buy it for 2,000,000 studs. 

Deadpool Brick #3

Find this brick in the Feeling Frisky level at Fisk Tower, after you’ve already completed the mission. You need to have found 50 Gold Bricks to get in. Make sure you have characters available with Telekinesis and Heat Beam to get the brick. Use the beam to get through the golden door, then grab the brick with Telekinesis behind the Kingpin painting. This one unlocks the “Studs Score Multiplier x6” ability and costs 3,000,000 studs.

Deadpool Brick #4

This brick is for the “Studs Score Multiplier x8” effect, and you can find it in the Reptilian Ruckus level in the Reptile House. You need 125 Gold Bricks to enter the level. You need a character with Electricity and one who is Magnetic. To get the brick, charge the transformer and then open up a metal container. This brick costs 4,000,000 studs. 

Deadpool Brick #5

This is the best stud multiplier brick, which gives the skill “Studs Score Multiplier x10”. You can find it in Stark Tower. The brick is in the Piñata at the Post-Credits Victory Party. Use someone with telekinesis to get it. This one costs 5,000,000 studs.

Deadpool Brick #6

The Disguises brick gives each character a mask. It’s already unlocked, so buy it for 300,000 studs from Deadpool.

Deadpool Brick #7

This brick will give you the Gold Brick Detector, and it is helpful for finding all the Gold Bricks. Grab it in the Nuff Said level at Marvel HQ. To get it, complete the Deadpool painting puzzle. It costs 200,000 studs to purchase.

Deadpool Brick #8

This one is the Minikit Detector, and it will help you find all the Minikits around the universe. To find this brick, go to the Put Up Your Dukes level at the Fogwell Gym. You will need to activate the control panel that is next to Captain America to get it. It costs 200,000 studs. 

Deadpool Brick #9

This brick is found in Bro-Tunheim level at the docks. It gives you the effect Mini-Characters, which makes everyone become tiny! You can only get this brick after you have found 200 Gold Bricks. To get the brick, you need to use the Heat Beam on the ice and then quickly grab the brick. This effect costs 100,000 studs.

Deadpool Brick #10

This brick will give you the ability to pick up ghost studs. Get it from the A Shock Withdrawal level in the Federal Bank. Use a character with fire abilities to get it next to the bank truck. This brick is 100,000 studs to purchase.

Deadpool Brick #11

This one is found in the Stranger Danger level in the Sanctum Sanctorum. It will let you use the fast build skill for when you are putting together LEGOs. Bring a character with telekinesis and assemble all the crates to unlock it. It costs 100,000 studs to buy.

Deadpool Brick #12

This brick gives you the Attract Studs skill, which makes all the studs nearby fly into you. Find it in the Stunt Show Surprise level in the Circus Tent. Use a magnetic character to get the brick out of the cage. It costs 600,000 studs to buy from Deadpool.

Deadpool Brick #13

Get this brick in The Thrill of the Chess level at The Raft. You need to use Venom to find it. This brick gives you the Character Token Detector, so you can find nearby tokens. It costs 800,000 studs. 

Deadpool Brick #14

This brick is unlocked from the beginning, and you can buy it for 100,000 studs. When you use it, it will put a hat on whatever character you are playing as.

Deadpool Brick #15

This one is also already unlocked, and it costs 100,000 studs. If you turn it on, your character will get an extra heart added to their health. 

Posted on 10/31/2013 | ? COMMENTS
Nora Bartel

Nora has been writing for over a decade and playing video games for even longer. She has a special penchant for JRPGs, horror games, and Steam sales.

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