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Battlefield Hardline Box Art
System/s: PC, PS3, PS4, X360, XB1
Developer: Visceral Games, EA DICE
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Genre: First-Person Shooter
Players: 1+
GD Score: N/A
Press Scores
Release Date:
N. America: Mar. 17, 2015
Europe: Mar. 19, 2015
Australia: N/A
Japan: N/A
ESRB: Mature (Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language, Use of Drugs)

Battlefield Hardline General Tips & Tricks Guide


Author: Nora Bartel  

Battlefield: Hardline is a welcome departure from the traditional Battlefield games, featuring a new style of gameplay with criminals versus cops. Some players may find that they need a little bit of an adjustment period to get used to the new style in this entry. If you are just getting into the game or you want to improve your gameplay skills, check out these helpful tips and tricks for this fast-paced Battlefield game.

Battlefield Hardline


Make sure you are always opening your battlepacks. These helpful items give you equipment and vouchers, which can be used for upgrades or money. Not opening them is just silly!

Cover Your Tracks

The grappling hook is a great way to reach certain areas and get to great vantage points, but always remember to pick up the hook after you reach your new destination. This will ensure your enemies can’t see which way you went. 

Focus on the Objective

The first rule to remember is to focus on the objective. This is how you can get the best rewards and win the game. Killing enemies can help you get there, but remember that it’s more important to focus on capturing control points, cash, and cars as you go through the map.


You may be tempting to rush right in without hacking, but please reconsider! Hacking can give you and your team a great boost. Hack into security cameras to see where the action is and what your enemies are doing, and you’ll be a huge asset to your team.


If you are doing a heist map, know that there is more than one way to reach the vault. You can go in through different access points, so work with your team to decide which one is going to work best. Remember, if you are a criminal you can use the security room to your advantage to hold off the cops.

Hotwire Mode

Hotwire mode is very fast-pased, and it requires some unique skills. Use the mechanic loadout and make sure you have the repair tool equipped for best results. Remember, you don’t always need to stay on the road – sometimes the best route is in the dirt.

Nitrous Oxide

Getting the nitrous oxide boost through the stunt driver gadget is an excellent way to give your vehicle a boost. It costs $39,000, so it’s not exactly cheap, but this upgrade can help you get a significant speed boost in times of trouble. Use it to make a quick getaway or if you want to ram someone off the road. 

The Right Weapon

Choosing which weapon to use is really important in Hardline. Each weapon type is very different, and it will make a difference in whether you win or lose. Learn the intricacies of each map so you’ll know which weapon type is the most strategic, and remember – don’t bring a knife to a gun fight!

Spawning Points

If you want to get right back into the action after you get killed, spawn on top of a squad member. Just be aware – you’ll usually end up right in the fray if you do this. Be prepared!


Speed is incredibly important, especially in multiplayer. Sprinting is the best way to get somewhere fast, but remember that your current weapon will affect how fast you can run. Equip something light, like a handgun or melee weapon, when speed is an important factor.


While technically you can run in with guns blazing, it’s preferred to take a subtler approach. When you take down criminals with stealth and non-lethal takedowns, you’ll get bonus points towards your expert level. Consider these means of subduing enemies over kills.

Spot Your Enemies

Don’t forget to spot your enemies so that both you and your squad can see enemy activity on the mini-map, even if they aren’t nearby. This will help you to play more strategically and avoid ambushes and traps.   

Take What You Need

In a multiplayer match, you’ll need to find an operator or enforcer in order to get supplies. Operators carry first aid packs, while enforcers carry ammo. When you need supplies, don’t bother asking them for some or distracting them. Instead, simply walk up to the player and interact with them to take what you need. This way, everyone can stay focused on the task at hand.

Posted on 08/12/2015 | ? COMMENTS
Nora Bartel

Nora has been writing for over a decade and playing video games for even longer. She has a special penchant for JRPGs, horror games, and Steam sales.

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