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Pilotwings Resort (3DS) Maps to Find Locations, Balloons, and Rings

FEATURE | ? Comments |

Author: GD Staff  

Pilotwings Resort for Nintendo 3DS not only provides fun and challenging flight missions, it also tests players' collection abilities (and patience) in Free Flight Mode.

We've scoured the map of the vacation paradise of Wuhu Island and her sister islands, Wedge, Private, and Deserted, in order to come up with comprehensive maps to make collecting all of the Locations, Balloons, and Rings in Pilotwings Resort for Nintendo 3DS a snap! 

Here are the first maps for Pilot Wings Resort, which include the Locations for Wedge Island, Wuhu Island, Private Island, Deserted Island, and all other outlying structures and places of interest, including Firework Launches, Landing Strips, Floating Landing Pads, Tunnels, Marinas, and more. We even delve deep into the heart of Maka Wuhu and uncover the hidden Mystery Zone. We also just added the Wuhu Island Balloons Map (w/ plane and rocket belt), as well as the  Wedge Island Balloons Map.

Of course, there are more Pilotwings Resort maps to come (Wuhu Island Balloons coming next), so if you're lost, keep on coming back for more, and if you'd like to help a friend, feel free to share these maps!

Pilotwings Resort Locations Map - Wuhu Island, Deserted Island, Private Island, Fireworks Launch

- Click to enlarge the map -

Pilotwings Resort Locations Map - Wuhu Island, Deserted Island, Private Island, Fireworks Launch

Location Map Legend: Dark Circles represent underground or tunnel locations. White Circles represent standard locations. Squares represent floating locations, occasionally very high in the air.

1. Red Iron Bridge

2. Cocoba Hotel

3. Cabana Lagoon

4. The Queen Peach

6. Summerstone Castle

7. The Candle

8. Mysterious Ruins

9. Wind Orchard

10. Swaying Bridge

11. Summerstone Falls

13. Starboard Harbor

14. Silk Sands

15. Evergreen Grove

16. Mountain Monument

17. Gateway to Wuhu

18. Sugarsand Beach

19. Hillside Cabins

20. Talon Rock

21. Camel Rock

22. Duckling Lake

23. Basketball Court

24. Bowling Alley

25. Swordplay Colosseum

26. Pool Patio

27. Wishing Fountain

28. Serpent’s Mouth

29. Forest Monument

33. Off-Road Vehicle

34. Toppled Monument

35. Hilltop Overlook

36. Maka Wuku

37. Heart of Maka Wuhu

38. Pirate’s Eye

39. Island Loop #1

40. Lava Tube

41. Sea Serpent Cavern

42. Miguel’s Guide Plane (Find him circling Wuhu Island)

43. Broken Clock Tower

44. Palm Boulevard

45. Heartbreak Peak

46. Weathered Monument

47. Lone Cedar

48. Firework Launch Zone 1

49. Firework Launch Zone 2

50. Sweet Beach

51. Starry Beach

52. Tennis Courts

53. Needlepoint Spire

54. Dead-End Point

55. Cliffside Ruins

56. Entrance to the Mysterious Ruins

57. Barnacle Arch

58. Private Island

59. Deserted Island

60. Island Loop Tunnel #2

61. Stillwater Grotto

62. Lava Monument

63. Sundown Point

64. Runner’s Circle

65. Footbridge

66. Cedar-Tree Tunnel

68. Magma Chamber

69. Landing Strip # 1

70. Landing Strip #2

71. Floating Landing Pad #1

73. Landing-Pad Blimp

74. Boost Gate

75. Mystery Zone

Pilotwings Resort Locations Map - Wedge Island

- Click to enlarge the map -

Pilotwings Resort Locations Map - Wedge Island

5. The Nineteenth Hole Hotel

12. Crab Rock

30. Golf Area A

31. Glof Area B

32. Golf Area C

67. Wedge Island Marina

72. Floating Landing Pad #2

(Balloons Maps on the Second Page...)

Posted on: 04/02/2011 | ? Comments
Tags: Pilotwings Resort, Nintendo 3DS, Maps, Map, Find, Locations, Balloons, Rings, Wedge, Wuhu, Island, Private, Deserted
GD Staff

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