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Ten Unlikely Heroes That Would Make Fun Video Games

FEATURE | ? Comments |

Author: John Arkontaky  

With Thor, Captain America, and the Green Lantern all turning out their own blockbuster movies and video game tie-ins, we decided to make our own Justice League of heroes that deserve a video game in their name. 


As the young leader of the Thundercats, this oversized bipedal cat was one of the best heroes to come out of television in the 1980s. Thundercats was so good, in fact, that the series is making a comeback on Cartoon Network some time in 2011. Equal parts warrior, petulant child, and feline, Lion-O and his Thundercats would make a great cast for an action / open-world adventure starting in Thundera and ending on Earth. And those of you who remember the diabolical Mumm-Ra know that this game would have epic written all over it. 

Ten Unlikely Heroes That Would Make Fun Video Games: Lion-O


Intergalactic bounty hunter juggled roles between nefarious no-gooder and cosmic anti-hero biker. Sure it sounds corny, but this over-the-top knucklehead dishes out one-liners almost as frequently as he offers double-doses of knuckle sandwiches. With big muscles, guns, knives and personality, Lobo lives on the fine line between noir fiction and slapstick comedy, making him one gigantic, pasty-skinned candidate for a Gears of War-inspired, over-the-shoulder shooter. 

Ten Unlikely Heroes That Would Make Fun Video Games: Lobo


Venom would make a great character for a choice-based action game. He’s headlined in Marvel comics as both Spider-Man’s nemesis and greatest ally, so a game where we control how evil the alien symbiote gets would be a blast. In Ultimate Spider-Man, a last-gen sleeper, players got to control both Spidey and Venom, making it potentially the best Spider-Man game ever. With this and a few appearances in Marvel Ultimate Alliance, it’s time to give this gargantuan fiend a try at his own game. 

Ten Unlikely Heroes That Would Make Fun Video Games: Venom

The Flash

This speedster made the list due to his unique talent. He’s not a particularly great fighter and he’s not bullet proof, but how fun would an open-world game be playing as someone who has outrun Superman? Of course The Flash isn’t only fleet of foot, he can also think at a superhuman pace, making “bullet-time” slow-motion an obvious game mechanic. In a world overflowing with brutish heroes and bullet-soaking macho men, maybe it’s time for a new type of hero to stir things up…at the speed of light. After all, who would want to play a game as a walking bullet sponge when you can outrun bullets?

Ten Unlikely Heroes That Would Make Fun Video Games: The Flash

Wonder Woman

Because GameDynamo is pro-equal opportunity, and also because Wonder Woman is an absolute powerhouse, we had to add her to our list. This Amazonian princess is gifted with superhuman strength, the power of flight, super speed and reflexes, and looks that would make Lara Croft cry. Alongside her natural gifts, Wonder Woman sports the Lasso of Truth, which could make for some great interrogation scenes. Often Wonder Woman plays sidekick to heroes like Superman, but we believe that gamers can handle playing a game as a chick without feeling emasculated. 

Ten Unlikely Heroes That Would Make Fun Video Games: Wonder Woman

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Posted on: 05/31/2011 | ? Comments
Tags: Lion-O, Luke Skywalker, Venom, The Flash, Sam and Dean, Winchester,Lobo,Wonder Woman,Mighty Mouse,Heroes, games
John Arkontaky

John loves gaming and loves writing about games. He wants to become a known voice in the gaming community and a game designer one day.

The views of GameDynamo's writers are not necessarily the views of the website as a whole. However, we support freedom of speech and enjoy diverse opinions about video games. Hopefully you do too!

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