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Final Fantasy X Moments to Relive in the HD Remake (with Videos!)

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Author: Peter Tieryas  

Tidus' journey in Final Fantasy X was unlike any other Final Fantasy before it. It was Final Fantasy's first foray onto the PS2, a fully 3D world, as well as the first in the series to feature voice-acting. The cutscenes were gorgeous, and the journey through Spira was one many gamers still recall fondly. With the recent announcement that the game would be getting a full remake in HD glory for the PS3 and Vita, I wondered, what are the top moments I look forward to re-experiencing in the game? Here it goes, and be warned, THERE ARE SPOILERS!

Final Fantasy X Moments to Relive in the HD Remake (with Videos!)

1. The Opening in Zanarkand

Let's start at the beginning. Zanarkand was a futuristic metropolis that looked stunning. With an amazing opening cinematic involving blitzball, I was blown away by the visuals and wondered where the game was going to go. To my shock, the entirety of Zanarkand was destroyed by some horrendous monster (well, at first it was just a massive swell of water) in the opening chapter. What was going on?! I finally took control of Tidus to fight off the Sin spawn and escape with Auron, only to fall into a vortex and wake up in a barren, desolate world that looked nothing like the previous. Awesome.

2. Yuna's Dance for the Dead

If I made a list of the most beautiful moments in gaming, this would be near the top. The village of Kilika is decimated by Sin. The summoner, Yuna, performs her dancing ritual to send off the souls of the dead so they could have peace for their aggrieved passing. A ballet on water, it was a lyrical ceremony for the bereaved and fallen alike.

3. Combat

I really enjoyed the combat in FFX. The Conditional Turn-Based Battle System (CTB) was addicting, as was the catchy battle music. I enjoyed being able to swap characters on the fly and can't wait to see how battles will look with an HD coating. Improved graphics for the character and enemy models, combat animation, and magic FX can only make things better. This was the first Final Fantasy where I actually used ALL of my optional characters.

4. The World of Spira

Inspired by the architecture of East Asia, Spira was a fantasy world that blended elements of reality. From the island of Besaid to Guadosalam to the capital city Bevelle to all the old temples and the ancient ruins of Zanarkand, it'll be an immersive journey to traverse the world of FFX again with brand new visuals. FFXIII looked gorgeous, and when Square-Enix gives FFX a facelift, I can't wait to see the results. There will come a day when game visuals will be indistinguishable from photographs. I hope to see glimmers of that here.

5. Tidus Laughing

One of the most pivotal, dramatic moments in FF history was in part X, when Yuna challenged Tidus to laugh. It really pulled on the emotional strings and conveyed a deep sense of... Wait a second... you know I'm joking, right? The laughing scene is notoriously bad, verging on painful. Scratch that. It just split my ears open, so I can't hear anything! With a remake, I hope that means they'll do new voiceovers for the cast. I'm thinking it can't get any worse than this, so anything new will be an improvement, right? Watch Tidus laugh to Kefka's theme song.

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Posted on: 11/08/2011 | ? Comments
Tags: Final Fantasy, FF, X, FFX, Tidus, Yuna, Laugh, Final Battle, Moments, Remake, PS3, Videos, Trailer, Vita
Peter Tieryas

He has been working in film and games for over a decade. On his off time, he likes to travel the world. His short story collection, Watering Heaven, was just published by Signal 8 Press.

The views of GameDynamo's writers are not necessarily the views of the website as a whole. However, we support freedom of speech and enjoy diverse opinions about video games. Hopefully you do too!

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