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Six Awesome Video Game Projects on Kickstarter

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Author: Nicholas Greene  

In a gaming environment where it often seems that the vast majority of titles have fallen under some kind of creative ennui, the indie game development scene is a welcome and refreshing change. The degree of innovation, creativity, and quality found in these games and developers puts the vast majority of more established organizations to shame.

Unfortunately, funding an independent project isn't easy, particularly when it shirks the norm too much or does something that most publishers might be uncomfortable supporting.

Six Awesome Video Game Projects on Kickstarter

Enter Kickstarter. Crowd-sourcing is the new "in" thing in a great many industries, allowing customers to actually feel as though they've got a part in a project they want to see completed. Essentially, it's venture capital for people who aren't financiers. We've seen some pretty awesome projects come out of that place, and even more awesome ones are currently on the backburner. Here's just a small sampling of some of the best we've seen:

The Oculus RIFT

Video games haven't really gotten on so well with VR headsets in the past. Remember the Virtual Boy? Remember what a catastrophe it ended up being? Still, the RIFT looks incredibly, incredibly promising. Currently, they're just working on funding the SDK – they're taking this project one step at a time, and carefully planning out their every action. The end result, the world's first true virtual reality headset, will be well worth the wait, if what we've learned so far is any indication.

Six Awesome Video Game Projects on Kickstarter - The Oculus RIFT


Shadowrun Online

Shadowrun was an awesome, D6-based tabletop game, which spawned an entire generation of video games and inspired a whole generation of gamers. Now, it's coming to the MMO arena. Sadly, this project is already funded, so you're not going to be able to get in on any of the good stuff. Even so, the game's promise of a persistent world which evolves based on the players along with deep, contextual gameplay means Shadowrun Online is definitely one project everyone should be keeping an eye on.

Six Awesome Video Game Projects on Kickstarter - Shadowrun Online

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Posted on: 08/27/2012 | ? Comments
Tags: Video Game, Gaming, Projects, Kickstarter, Oculus RIFT, Shadowrun Online, OUYA, Conclave, Double Fine Adventure, Code Hero
Nicholas Greene

A gamer at heart, Nick started writing when he was a child. He holds a BA in English, works as a freelancer, and loves every minute of it. One day, he hopes to net himself a career in game design - but that's something for the future.

The views of GameDynamo's writers are not necessarily the views of the website as a whole. However, we support freedom of speech and enjoy diverse opinions about video games. Hopefully you do too!

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