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10 Must-Play Horror Games For Halloween

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Author: Michael Revis  

Those who know me already know that Halloween is my favorite holiday of the entire year. The creepy themes, the scares, and even seeing all the different and creative costumes make for a fun experience. Another thing I enjoy is a good horror title, one that not only is fun to play, but that can even make me jump out of my chair. Both of these subjects go hand in hand, as a good game can leave fond memories, and a good scare can have lasting effects.

With that said, some horror titles stand out more than others, whether it's for what they've contributed to the genre, or just being able to give a great scare. Here are some that are simply must-plays, whether you're looking for something to get started with, or are a huge fan of the genre already.

Slender (PC)

Must Play Horror Games For Halloween - Slender

From Internet meme to full on game, the legend of the Slender Man is one that's not only engaging, but curious as well. This freeware title, now called Slender: The Eight Pages, tasks players with finding eight different pieces of paper, all while avoiding the horrifying Slender Man. The premise is simplistic, but the atmosphere, the sense of helplessness, and the possibility of Slender Man himself popping up right behind you brings together a kind of chill that even modern AAA titles have a hard time grasping. It's even become so popular that a full blown remake is currently in the works, giving it the HD treatment, as well as introducing an entire story.

Splatterhouse 3 (SEGA Genesis)

Must Play Horror Games For Halloween - Splatterhouse 3

The Splatterhouse games were a different take on horror, using a more action-oriented setup, and using more references to classic horror movies like Friday the 13th. In these games, you play as Rick, and must don a possessed mask to beat down grotesque abominations with extreme prejudice and save your girlfriend. The third game in the series for the SEGA Genesis stepped things up by introducing true non-linear exploration, new moves and adversaries, more violent action, and a time limit that would affect which ending you got based on how fast you cleared a stage. The enemies you fought were also hideously designed, and the various cinematics are sure to send a chill down the spines of even today's audiences.

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Posted on: 10/30/2012 | ? Comments
Tags: Horror Games, Dead Space, Resident Evil, Catherine, Silent Hill, Eternal Darkness, Fatal Frame, Clock Tower, Slender, Splatterhouse, Amnesia, Top 10
Michael Revis

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