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Editors Talk: What game would you like to get for Christmas 2012?

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Author: GD Staff  

We've been spinning our gears for a while trying to figure out which of the awesome games released in 2012 would be a good one to buy / receive for Christmas, and that is if we haven't been able to get it yet! Not an easy question to answer, that's for sure, but we did figure it out...

Editors Talk: What game would you like to get for Christmas 2012?

Here are GameDynamo's editors' game choices for the holidays!

Chrono Cross - Erik Sugay

Personally, I would like to take a trip into generations past for my Christmas gaming gift. I can once-upon-a-time remember owning and playing Chrono Cross, the PlayStation One's divisive in-universe sequel to the venerable Chrono Trigger. The dimensions-spanning experience being fairly vague in my memory, I would love to play the game again with my more advanced perspective. Beautifully animated and foreboding cutscenes effectively told an admittedly confusing, yet no less emotional story without the use of any real dialog. Now that I am older and, one would hope, wiser, I should be able to actually understand the events that transpire.

If the narrative still ends up beyond my comprehension, I at least know I will have a blast figuring out how to recruit all 45 (!) unique characters – each with their own background stories and personalities – into my party. All the while listening to what is arguably one of the, if not the, greatest video game soundtracks ever composed.

Chrono Cross

Dishonored - Michael Revis

Dishonored would definitely be my top choice as a Xmas gift. It brings such a completely different formula to how stealth games are normally played, mainly the fact that you actually have a choice with how to progress. You can either shoot an enemy in the face with your pistol, stealthily stab him with a knife, or use a spell that stops time to allow you to do what you need to do and get out. It's that kind of freedom that the genre has needed so badly, all combined with a rich city full of life and a deep, entrenching story. Makes me giddy just thinking about the possibilities.


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Posted on: 12/18/2012 | ? Comments
Tags: Dishonored, Persona 4, Golden, Mega Man, Megaman, Skylanders, Journey, Fez, Snatcher, Chrono Cross, Best Games, Christmas, Holidays, 2012
GD Staff

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