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THQ takes a hard look at Linux after its resounding Humble Bundle success

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Author: Peter Grimm  

Could THQ begin releasing its games on Linux? It seems to be a possibility, according to president Jason Rubin.

Following a Twitter response this weekend to a user's request for Linux games, Rubin spoke to Polygon and said that it should be a goal for THQ to bring their games to as wide an audience as possible. Consideration for the prospects of Linux started following the huge reception to the publisher's Humble Bundle.

"The message I took away from a large number of tweets and comments around the THQ Humble Bundle sale is that there are vibrant communities of gamers using other operating systems besides the dominant ones," Rubin said, "and a company like THQ should not overlook them."

THQ takes a hard look at Linux after its resounding Humble Bundle success

At the moment, though, it remains to be seen if expanding to Linux is even a financially sound idea. As Rubin pointed out, it takes money to release a new version of an already-released game, and each game's costs have to be calculated to make sure porting it is worthwhile.

"Complicating the analysis (in a positive way), gamers have tweeted inventive ideas to me, such as letting the community help in the porting to bring down costs. THQ is committed to look at anything that makes sense," Rubin said, adding that the publisher should have more to say on the matter "shortly."

Source: @Jason_Rubin, Polygon

Posted on: 12/18/2012 | ? Comments
Tags: THQ, Linux, The Humble Bundle, Jason Rubin, Video Game News
Peter Grimm

A writer, journalist, and aspiring storyteller, Peter Grimm has been gaming since the days of the Nintendo 64, and reporting on the goings-on in the World of Gaming since late 2011. His base of writing operations is located within the void between Here and There, or so he would have you think.

The views of GameDynamo's writers are not necessarily the views of the website as a whole. However, we support freedom of speech and enjoy diverse opinions about video games. Hopefully you do too!

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