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Obsidian pitching 'The New Republic' Star Wars RPG

NEWS | ? Comments |

Author: Nicholas Greene  

Those of you who were fans of the original Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic series are in for a treat today. Obsidian Entertainment, the developer responsible for KOTOR II, Fallout: New Vegas, and the upcoming Project Eternity, is actively pitching a new Star Wars game set in the dark times after Darth Sidious executed Order 66 in Episode III.

In an interview with Rock Paper Shotgun, CEO Feargus Urquhart announced that they've already gone to LucasArts with the concept; about eight to ten pages detailing the story concept and the characters. 

Obsidian pitching "The New Republic" Star Wars RPG

"I would say it's within the top three pitches we've ever come up with," said Urquhart. "We pitched a between-Episode III and Episode IV game to LucasArts, because we think that timeframe is super interesting. It's the fall of the Republic, the extermination of the Jedi, it's Obi-Wan going off and making sure Luke is OK. You have the Sith, but you have the extermination of all force users except for very, very few...Chris Avellone came up with a really cool story." 

Obsidian pitching "The New Republic" Star Wars RPG

Unfortunately, there's a snake in the grass called Disney. As you may recall, Disney made it clear that it would rather focus on social and mobile games with its acquisition of the Star Wars franchise.

Rock Paper Shotgun said as much to Feargus, who responded "we haven't talked with Disney yet. We're kind of waiting for the smoke to clear. But that's one of my next big things to do. To kind of go over there and get the ball rolling again." 

Source: Rock Paper Shotgun

Posted on: 02/08/2013 | ? Comments
Tags: Obsidian Entertainment, Disney, LucasArts, Star Wars, The New Republic, Feargus Urquhart, KOTOR II, Knights of the Old Republic, Video Game News
Nicholas Greene

A gamer at heart, Nick started writing when he was a child. He holds a BA in English, works as a freelancer, and loves every minute of it. One day, he hopes to net himself a career in game design - but that's something for the future.

The views of GameDynamo's writers are not necessarily the views of the website as a whole. However, we support freedom of speech and enjoy diverse opinions about video games. Hopefully you do too!

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