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Square Enix drops PC specs for Tomb Raider

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Author: Peter Grimm  

With the new Tomb Raider less than two weeks away, there are people wondering if their PC will run Crystal Dynamics’ new spin on the saga of Lara Croft to its maximum, or if it will even run it at all.

Publisher Square Enix has resolved that pondering today, announcing the minimum and recommended specifications for the PC version of Tomb Raider. In the process, Square took some time to detail some of the ways the game will take advantage of its platform.

Square Enix drops PC specs for Tomb Raider

Mainly, Tomb Raider has been “extensively optimized” for the PC, boasting full Steamworks integration, improved SSAO, and highly detailed texture resolution, among other things. What’s more, the game can even support AMD HD3D and AMD Eyefinity, which makes it possible to play the game on up to six displays simultaneously, using only one graphics card.

In summary, PC gamers should be in for a powerful and exciting time when the game launches everywhere on March 5. In the meantime, have a glance at the specs below…

• Full integration with Steamworks to offer cloud storage for saves, multiplayer matchmaking, achievements, as well as automatic updates and new content.
• Support for Steam Big Picture Mode.
• Configurable mouse and keyboard support.
• Gamepad support.
High-end graphics
• Very high resolution textures with up to 16x the amount of data
• Detail Tessellation to enhance the detail on many surfaces in the game
• Higher quality shadows
• High quality bokeh depth of field with near-blur
• Tessellation algorithms used to smooth out geometry
• Improved cloth, SSAO, quality wetness effects, and post-filter effects.
• LOD quality is adjustable for better quality on higher-end machines.
Low-end graphics
• Crystal care about TR fans being able to run on older systems, unlike many other games they still support Windows XP.
• A lot of scalability options to suit a range of machines.
Minimum system requirements for PC
• Windows XP Service Pack 3, Windows Vista,7,8 (32bit/64bit)
• DirectX 9 graphics card with 512Mb Video RAM:
         • AMD Radeon HD 2600 XT
nVidia 8600
• Dual core CPU:
          •AMD Athlon64 X2 2.1 Ghz (4050+)
Intel Core2 Duo 1.86 Ghz (E6300)
• 1GB Memory (2GB on Vista)
Recommended system requirements for PC
• Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8
• DirectX 11 graphics card with 1GB Video RAM:
          •AMD Radeon HD 4870
nVidia GTX 480
• Quad core CPU:
         •AMD Phenom II X2 565
Intel Core i5-750
• 4GB Memory
Source: Square Enix press release

Posted on: 02/22/2013 | ? Comments
Tags: Tomb Raider, Crystal Dynamics, Square Enix, PC, specs, requirements, Lara Croft, Video Game News
Peter Grimm

A writer, journalist, and aspiring storyteller, Peter Grimm has been gaming since the days of the Nintendo 64, and reporting on the goings-on in the World of Gaming since late 2011. His base of writing operations is located within the void between Here and There, or so he would have you think.

The views of GameDynamo's writers are not necessarily the views of the website as a whole. However, we support freedom of speech and enjoy diverse opinions about video games. Hopefully you do too!

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