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Lobo teased for Injustice: Gods Among Us; full achievements list inside

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Author: Peter Grimm  

Apparently, the roster for NetherRealm’s superhero beat-em-up Injustice: Gods Among Us has not been unveiled completely. On his Twitter page, Ed Boon, co-creator of Mortal Kombat and creative director for Injustice, has teased the appearance of Lobo, the wild-haired alien mercenary that has been biking his way through DC’s comic-verse since the 80s.

Lobo teased for Injustice: Gods Among us; full achievements lists inside

Boon got the tease ball rolling by tweeting the image above, along with text reading, "Hmmm... This guy?" And if that wasn’t enough, he responded, in a later tweet, to a fan who felt Lobo’s absence from the game was a big mistake by saying. “Not all characters announced. :)” Does this mean Lobo will be officially announced soon, or is Boon just pulling fans’ legs? Only time will tell.

In other Injustice-related news, internet sleuths have uncovered the full list of achievements for players to take on. Mind, the achievements make no allusion to unannounced characters or content, so if you were hoping to find confirmation of Lobo or some other DC character that you’ve been wanting to see included, then you’re out of luck. Condolences. 

You can look at the list in its unabridged glory below. And be on the lookout for Injustice: Gods Among Us when it launches on April 16 in North America and April 19 in Europe and Australia.

  • Top Rung (25 points) - Complete Classic Battle with all characters
  • Rise to the Top (10 points) - Complete Classic Battle with any character
  • Ultimate Battler (50 points) - Complete Battle Mode
  • Throwdown! (10 points) - Perform 8 throws and win in a multiplayer match
  • Groundbreaking (10 points) - Use every interactable and win in a multiplayer match
  • Go Sit in the Corner (10 points) - Win a multiplayer match with a timeout
  • I Conquered All (20 points) - Beat All S.T.A.R. Lab Missions (Excluding DLC)
  • Mini-Master (25 points) - Win all story mode minigames
  • Statistical Advantage (10 points) - View Your Hero Card
  • Sidekick (10 points) - Reach Level 10
  • The Hero We Deserve (100 points) - Reach Level 100
  • Almost There (20 points) - Complete 50% of Story Mode
  • Justice for All (80 points) - Complete 100% of Story Mode
  • Beginner's Luck! (10 points) - Win a single online match
  • Overthrown (10 points) - Dethrone the King in an online match
  • I Voted! (10 points) - Vote Correctly in a KOTH match
  • Streak Ender (10 points) - Defeat a Survivor
  • Breaking Records (10 points) - Win 100 complete Online Matches
  • Over The Top! (10 points) - Play 200 complete Online Matches
  • Lucky Break (10 points) - Win 1 complete Ranked match
  • Holy Knockout Batman! (10 points) - Win 10 complete Ranked matches
  • Buddy System (10 points) - Enter Online Practice with someone on your friends list
  • Practice Makes Perfect (10 points) - Enter Practice Mode
  • Learning is Fun (10 points) - Complete Tutorial
  • It Has Begun (10 points) - Complete 1 S.T.A.R. Lab Mission
  • Overachiever (15 points) - Get 3 stars on 1 S.T.A.R. Lab Mission
  • All Star (10 points) - Get 100 Stars in S.T.A.R. Lab Mode
  • World's Finest (100 points)vComplete All S.T.A.R. Lab Missions with 3 Stars
  • Heavy Hitter (10 points) - Perform a 10 hit combo with every character
  • Unstoppable Force (10 points) - Win a Clash sequence with any character
  • Wrecking Ball (10 points) - Knock an opponent through a transition
  • Around The World (15 points) - Knock opponent through all transitions across all levels
  • FINISHED (10 points) - Win a match with the super move of any character
  • Superhuman! (10 points) - Perform every character's supermove
  • Metahuman (10 points) - Perform every special move of every character
  • Feel the Burn! (10 points) - Perform every Meter Burn special move of every character
  • True Marksman (10 points) - Win a match with Green Arrow using only arrows
  • The Caped Crusader (10 points) - Win with Batman using every special move and his Supermove
  • Around and Around We Go (20 points) - Perform every level interaction once
  • Arkham City Lockdown (10 points) - Defeat every Villain With Batman
  • Only a Real Master (10 points) - Make a comeback when at low health (10% or less)
  • Perfect Aim (10 points) - Win a match as Deathstroke without missing a shot (minimum 12 shots)
  • Tourist (30 points) - Send an opponent through all three Metropolis transitions in one fight
  • Cosplay (5 points) - Unlock a costume in the Archives
  • Gonna Need More Closet Space (20 points) - Unlock all costumes in the Archives
  • Hoarder (50 points) - Unlock everything in Archives
  • I Can Back it Up (5 points) - Equip a new Background Image
  • Iconic Representation (5 points) - Equip a new Icon
  • Looking Good! (5 points) - Equip a new Character Portrait
  • Bull in a China Shop (100 points) - Cause maximum damage in all Arenas (does not include Practice mode)

Source: @noobde on Twitter 1, 2, Exophase

Via: Game Informer 1, 2

Posted on: 03/04/2013 | ? Comments
Tags: Injustice, Gods Among Us, NetherRealm, Warner Bros, DC Comics, Lobo, achievements, list, lista, logros, Video Game News
Peter Grimm

A writer, journalist, and aspiring storyteller, Peter Grimm has been gaming since the days of the Nintendo 64, and reporting on the goings-on in the World of Gaming since late 2011. His base of writing operations is located within the void between Here and There, or so he would have you think.

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