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Square Enix's Nomura calls Final Fantasy Versus XIII 'a delicate situation'; more info may be coming soon

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Author: Peter Grimm  

Next month, it’ll be seven years since Final Fantasy Versus XIII was announced. Needless to say, fans have been waiting on Square Enix a long time for this game and, lately, for a definitive update on its condition. And it looks they’ll have to wait a little bit longer.

Tetsuya Nomura, FF Versus XIII’s director and character designer, was speaking on the first episode of the company’s official podcast, Square Enix Merchandise Radio, when the topic turned to the long, long-delayed title. Nomura then admitted that “It’s a delicate situation within the company.”

Square's Nomura calls FF Versus XIII "a delicate situation; more info may be coming soon

Apologizing for the delay, Nomura asked for fans to wait a little more, saying, “The date for our next reveal is set and we are working toward preparing information for that moment. Perhaps the details as to why information couldn’t be released might be touched upon with the next information announcement.” 

Could this mean Square is almost ready to finally give fans that definitive update on FF Versus XIII? Is it possible that the “next information announcement” could have something to do with the E3 announcement Square’s Shinji Hashimoto teased at Sony’s PlayStation 4 event in February? 

What do you guys think Square’s planning to announce? And when? Let us know what your thoughts are in the comment box below.

Source: Nova Crystallis

Posted on: 04/17/2013 | ? Comments
Tags: Square Enix, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, FF, V13, Tetsuya Nomura, delicate situation, Video Game News
Peter Grimm

A writer, journalist, and aspiring storyteller, Peter Grimm has been gaming since the days of the Nintendo 64, and reporting on the goings-on in the World of Gaming since late 2011. His base of writing operations is located within the void between Here and There, or so he would have you think.

The views of GameDynamo's writers are not necessarily the views of the website as a whole. However, we support freedom of speech and enjoy diverse opinions about video games. Hopefully you do too!

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