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Silicon Knights closes its doors, but studio is 'definitely alive' according to CFO

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Author: Peter Grimm  

Canadian developer Silicon Knights, developer of titles like Eternal Darkness: Sanity Requiem and Too Human, has had it rough. Most of its employees have been laid off, the lengthy court battle with Epic Games went sour, and some (including founder Denis Dyack) have jumped ship to form a new studio away from the brouhaha surrounding SK.

And now Polygon reports that the developer, which is reportedly down to just a handful of employees, has closed its office, which is now available for lease, according to Ontario real estate agents. Though the office may be closed, CFO Mike Mays assures that what remains of Silicon Knights is still kicking, calling it "very busy" and "definitely alive."

Silicon Knights closes its doors, but studio is "definitely alive" according to CFO

Unfortunately, Mays chose not to comment on where the studio is now located, how many people it's comprised of, or what projects it's working on. It’s highly doubtful that it is involved in any degree with Precursor Games and its current project, the Eternal Darkness spirtual successor Shadow of the Eternals, as studio chief Paul Caporicci told Polygon that it “has no connection to Silicon Knights.”

Despite this, Caporicci did confirm that Precursor had purchased equipment from SK. “Silicon Knights was selling off extra assets to laid off employees and we, along with others, purchased some of them," he said. "Like so many others who have been laid off in this difficult economy, we are simply trying to turn a tough situation into something positive.”

More on the situation can be found via Polygon’s report below.

Source: Polygon

Posted on: 05/10/2013 | ? Comments
Tags: Silicon Knights, SK, Eternal Darkness, Too, Human, closes, doors, office, studio, definitely, alive, CFO, Video Game News
Peter Grimm

A writer, journalist, and aspiring storyteller, Peter Grimm has been gaming since the days of the Nintendo 64, and reporting on the goings-on in the World of Gaming since late 2011. His base of writing operations is located within the void between Here and There, or so he would have you think.

The views of GameDynamo's writers are not necessarily the views of the website as a whole. However, we support freedom of speech and enjoy diverse opinions about video games. Hopefully you do too!

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