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5 Television Shows That Would Make Great Games

FEATURE | ? Comments |

Author: Garrison King  

Television and video games usually don't cross platforms. Usually the relationship is created to help boost ratings and of course make money for a show. However, every once in a while, there comes a television program that has the foundations of a very solid video game. How many times have you watched a show and thought to yourself, "I wish this show was a game!" If you're like me, countless. Here are five television shows (past and present) that would make for a great video game:

5. True Blood

HBO's True Blood emerged in the vampire craze several years ago as a realistic take on the vampire mythos. Vampires, Werewolves, faeries, and shape-shifters, there is an endless supply of fantasy from this show. This game can follow the lines of Skyrim (especially Dawnguard) where the player picks their faction and levels up their character's special powers.  Add romance and you have the makings of a potentially solid RPG.

5 Television Shows That Would Make Great Games

4. Falling Skies

On its third season now, Falling Skies is beginning to develop a devoted following. There are relatable characters in this post-apocalyptic, alien-invaded Earth. You would play along with the human resistance facing the alien threat and renegade humans. I see this as an action third-person shooter but with a realistic, moving story just like the newly released The Last of Us.

5 Television Shows That Would Make Great Games

3. Heroes

Heroes started off exceptionally well, but never really recovered after the writer's strike in 2007. A never-ending cast, convoluted story-lines, and just outright confusion, Heroes would make a really good JRPG-style game. With the multitude of super powers explored in the world, it would be up to you and others like you to explore the source of your power while dealing with the ominous threats to the world.

5 Television Shows That Would Make Great Games

2. The Wire

The Wire is hailed by many as the greatest television drama ever made; despite not winning any major awards. The Wire is a brilliant narrative that focuses on the problems of the city of Baltimore: drugs, political corruption, and a failing education system. Of course, if a game was made the scope would have to be tightened to the police versus the gangs, but that does not mean the game can't touch on those social commentaries. Think of a game that plays out similarly to Heavy Rain, The Walking Dead, or even BioWare games like Mass Effect. The game is narrative-driven, and you have to get the bottom of a murder mystery while trying to dismantle a drug enterprise, but in order to really capture the essence of The Wire, you would have to play through the eyes of different sides: the detective, the drug dealer, the stick-up boy... and that would make for a unique story-based RPG. Besides, who wouldn't want to terrorize as Omar?

5 Television Show That Would Make Great Games

1. Arrow

The CW's Arrow is already off to a fresh start. This series follows Oliver Queen and his personal vendetta on the people that have wronged his family. He becomes Green Arrow, and from there you should know the rest. This is a given. A comic book-based video game with just the right amount of realism. If this game were done right, it would want to resemble Batman: Arkham City. However, to make it really stand-out, the game must allow for a suitable use of arrows, especially the trick arrows. It would be third-person action-adventure and feature the villains and other vigilantes from the show. To go along with the show, it would also include the flashback episodes where Queen gets his training.

5 Television Shows That Would Make Great Shows

Honorable Mention:

Community (8-Bit)

Community is a great, sometimes, underappreciated show. For the fans of the series, you may remember the episode in Season 3 where the cast was scanned into an old school 8-bit video game and had to play as a dying wish for Pierce Hawthorne's father. This would make a great side-scrolling game in 8-bit fashion. As hilarious as the show is, there could be countless laughs to be had with this rag-tag group of friends.

5 Television Shows That Would Make Great Games

What do you think? What shows would you like to see get their own video game? Sound off in the comments section below!

Posted on: 07/09/2013 | ? Comments
Tags: TV Shows, Video Games, Heroes, True Blood, The Wire, Arrow, Falling Skies, Community
Garrison King

Garrison is a major enthusiast for the video game medium. RPG's, superheroes and oddly enough basketball satisfy his imagination just enough to function in the real world.

The views of GameDynamo's writers are not necessarily the views of the website as a whole. However, we support freedom of speech and enjoy diverse opinions about video games. Hopefully you do too!

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