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5 Things Capcom Should Do To Improve Their Finances

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Author: Michael Revis  

5 Things Capcom Needs To Do To Improve Their Finances

It’s no small secret that Capcom has found themselves suffering from their biggest financial loss since 2005. There are a lot of things that contribute to that, and a lot of things that could have been easily prevented. The company is already dialing back on things that they’ve made mistakes on in the past year or so, but there really is more that they could do.

With that said, here is a list of things that Capcom should consider doing in order to get themselves back on track.

5 Things Capcom Needs To Do To Improve Their Finances

1. Revive classic IPs

We already have a revival of Strider in the works, which looks freaking awesome, and it’s being developed by the same people working on the new Killer Instinct game, which also looks freaking awesome. But what about all of their other classic franchises? Capcom has a treasure trove of IPs just sitting in a corner waiting for the chance to have a new life. Imagine how sick it would be to have a modern Breath of Fire game with a cel-shaded anime artstyle and real time combat. Or even a new Ghosts 'n Goblins game that can give Dark Souls a run for its money in the difficulty department. And how many people would kill to have a new Rival Schools or Darkstalkers entry?

The fact that Capcom repeatedly fails to utilize all of these loved franchises simply because they don’t make them as much money as their other properties, despite the fact that they are still profitable nonetheles, is just baffling, and is something that desperately needs to be remedied.

5 Things Capcom Needs To Do To Improve Their Finances

2. Bring back Mega Man

Let’s face facts here: the way Capcom has been treating the Blue Bomber and his fans as of late has been just plain insulting. If not for his appearance as a playable character in the new Smash Bros. game that’s still in development, people would be claiming that he’s essentially dead, if they're not already.

Mega Man deserves better than what he’s been getting lately, and Capcom should know this. Make X9 a reality, put Legends 3 back in development, or even reboot the whole series if necessary. Do SOMETHING with the little guy. Cause if they don’t, Keiji Inafune is more than willing to take him back and give him the respect he deserves.

5 Things Capcom Needs To Do To Improve Their Finances

3. Improve international release policies

There are admittedly some titles that you can have reservations about porting over to North America and Europe. Things can get lost in translation, some Japanese terminology and phrases are more difficult to understand, and the two cultures have completely different ideas on what’s acceptable and what isn’t.

But you cannot tell me that there is a good reason why Monster Hunter 4 is already out in Japan and we haven’t heard jack about a western release. Western Phoenix Wright fans have it just as bad, being forced to wait months after the Japanese release for new entries to make the trip over. Capcom’s executives may not think so, but there is a huge following for both of those games all over the world, and people out there that are anxious for many of their other titles that have failed to see western shores. Importing more titles to the west in a timely manner just seems like an easy solution to increase profits when you have an already profitable franchise.

5 Things Capcom Needs To Do To Improve Their Finances

4. Fire the executives

Speaking of bad executives, Capcom’s current ones have no doubt been the cause of the majority of the company’s current problems. They are responsible for most of the bad decisions that have been made such as cancelling potentially awesome projects, as well as making hilariously bad predictions and statements. Remember when they thought Dragon’s Dogma could sell 10 million units? Or when they thought that there was no interest in a new Street Fighter game before IV was announced? Or even when they allowed Dante to be turned into a foul-mouthed, whiny little brat?

Obviously, the people making all of these dumb decisions and statements are at the highest point of the corporate ladder. The best solution? Corporate restructuring. Because the last thing we need in the video game industry is a bunch of talking heads in business suits that know absolutely nothing about video games and their respective audiences. It'd also help their PR department, who have to try explain when something dumb happens in their walls anyway.

5 Things Capcom Needs To Do To Improve Their Finances

5. Capcom Fighting All Stars

Now hear me out here: imagine a game where you can pit Street Fighter’s Ryu against Gene from Godhand. Or Amateratsu from Okami against Captain Commando. Date Masamune vs Asura. Nina vs Frank West! AKUMA VS METAL MAN!!

A Capcom All Stars type fighter that collects more than two decades of characters into a single game would be every fanboy’s dream. There is no logical explanation as to why this would be a bad idea. Get a decent engine attached to it, hi-res 2D character models, and as many goddamn characters as you can cram into the whole thing. More importantly, make it not suck like a certain other all Capcom fighter. Do all that, and you’ll have an instant best seller.

Posted on: 09/23/2013 | ? Comments
Tags: Capcom, Megaman, Strider, Feature, Monster Hunter, Phoenix Wright
Michael Revis

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