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5 Video Game Concepts That Would Improve Real Life

FEATURE | ? Comments |

Author: Garrison King  

There are plenty of gamers out there that wish they could live in a video game. Personally, I could do without the giant thing trying to kill me, but that's just me. But if we can't live in a video game taking pleasures in the joys of the pixelated world, why not reap some of the other benefits? Gaming concepts that have been embedded in video games for years. There are plenty that could help us in the mundane real world.

5 Video Game Concepts That Would Improve Real Life

Here are the top 5 gaming concepts that could help us in the real world:

Save Points / Do-Overs

Mass Effect is notorious for giving players decisions. Most RPGs, are for that matter. You can choose what path you take, what side you are on, and how to vanquish your enemies. But what if you mess up? What if we weren't supposed to kill off that character until later? What if you wanted to romance that dwarf, but you made the mistake of confusing their ambivalent cues as jests and they never talk to you again? Fear not, because you have save point from an earlier part in the game that allowed you to try it all over again. We make mistakes. This is part of the human nature. How many times have we sat in remorse thinking about if we could do something different? Video games let us replay certain scenarios to experience different outcomes. So why not in real life? Especially when it comes to things like standardize tests or even dating. Heck, you could have your own personal Groundhog Day to try and perfect the art of asking out a person of interest.

5 Video Game Concepts That Would Improve Real Life

Infinite Stamina

Have you ever noticed how in practically every video game, the characters are always running? No matter the situation, they are always moving at a brisk pace. Be it in a church, a battlefield, or in a dark cave, you are almost always in a jog to get around. Now stay with me here, I know the idea of running wouldn't be all that of an improvement, unless you're a marathon runner. However, the big take away here is the fact that these characters NEVER GET TIRED. That's right. All of those 100 hour games you played, it is rare to find a game that actually forces you to sleep via game mechanic, cutscene, etc. You can play Skyrim without ever having to sleep. Turn into a werewolf? Check. Slay a dragon and giant at the same time? You bet. Rest your eyes for a second? Not unless you want a Fu Sha Ro to the face! Think how much better your work days would be if you never got that lunchtime lag. Or if you could just get up and go. Say 'bye-bye' to the Itis!

5 Video Game Concepts That Would Improve Real Life

No Need to Eat

In a similar vein of not getting tired, when have you ever seen your character really sit down and eat a meal? Only Yoshi comes to mind, because I don't condone Mario taking shrooms. For the most part, like sleep, you could play an entire game without having to eat. But when you did eat you received statistical bonuses. So we could essentially end the actual world hunger. However, developed countries would have more statistical bonuses than unfortunate developing ones. I'd accept those terms so long as we don't have any more people starving to death.

5 Video Game Concepts That Would Improve Real Life

Healing Potions / Health Regeneration

You find yourself surrounded by the enemy, bullets flying, and you are low on ammo. When you finally start to get hit, your screen flashing red as your health bar quickly fades, you instinctively run and find the nearest corner to hide behind for a minute or so and then: a deep sigh of relief as your life force gradually returns and you can go back to figuring how to eliminate your opponent. Or how about exploring a dungeon when you're suddenly attacked by an angry troll and its claws gnash away at your being. Quickly drink the flask of red substance and watch your life return in an instant. Health potions and health regeneration are incredible staples in the survivability of gaming. Apply that in real life and you have medical advances beyond imagining.

5 Video Game Concepts That Would Improve Real Life

Level Up / Instantaneous Skill Mastery

This one is a no brainer. You work hard slaying the spawns of Hell pouring hours into your character. Slowly watching your progress until: DING! Leveling up is one of the most timeless concepts in a game. It means progress, growth, and just overall improvement. This should really be the model of any educational system. We gather information, gaining experience in a certain subject or skill, and when we reach the end of that level we have instantaneous mastery of what we learned. For this to work, we would still have to go school. However, upon completion, we would have a rolodex of knowledge rather than immediately forgetting things as soon as school is out. Just imagine if we instantly knew everything we needed to know as soon as we finished law school or medical school. This isn't to say that everyone would be a carbon copy of each other. No, because we all know that it's all about the end game. Just because some players have the same knowledge of skills does not mean they have the same level expertise.

5 Video Game Concepts That Would Improve Real Life

What do you think? What other gaming concepts could help us out in the real world? Comment below!

Posted on: 10/21/2013 | ? Comments
Tags: Video Games, Life, Stamina, RPG, Mass Effect, Skyrim, Level Up
Garrison King

Garrison is a major enthusiast for the video game medium. RPG's, superheroes and oddly enough basketball satisfy his imagination just enough to function in the real world.

The views of GameDynamo's writers are not necessarily the views of the website as a whole. However, we support freedom of speech and enjoy diverse opinions about video games. Hopefully you do too!

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