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Ubisoft wants to start marketing Assassin's Creed to kids

NEWS | ? Comments |

Author: Nicholas Greene  


Apparently, Ubisoft believes more children should play the Assassin's Creed franchise.

The news comes by way of an announcement from Ubisoft's international brand manager Yannick Spagna. Spagna, who manages the Splinter Cell brand, used Assassin's Creed as an example of the studio's branded activities at a GameON finance conference today in Toronto. His company's reasons for entering into branding deals, he said, are rarely connected to padding its bottom line - more often, it's a matter of expanding Ubisoft's reach to new audiences. 

"On a big IP, like Assassin's Creed or that type of game, I think now the idea is to reach a maximum of people, so it's not about needing advertisement to get additional revenue," said Spagna. "Plus I'm not sure this is the right business model to do that. When you think about it, would you like to have, while playing Assassin's Creed, shaving cream advertising every five minutes when you spent $70 to buy the game? I'm not sure this is what you want. For big IPs, smart brands are the best partners. They do a line with Mega Bloks together. On their side, it's nice because toys are looking for the hype around video games. And we are looking for a new audience: kids, children, it's more like that."

Later, talking to gamesindustry International, Spagna further clarified his comments. 

"This quote is not about Assassin's Creed the game," he explained. "It's about Assassin's Creed the brand. It's the same way you have The Lord of the Rings brand, the books, Shadow of Mordor, the Lego. It's a huge franchise, a brand, and within that you have different experiences that are tailored to specific audiences."

Although Assassin's Creed may not be suitable for children, Mega Blocks are another matter altogether. 

"If you think about it, we could even do an Assassin's Creed game tailored for kids," Spagna said. "Imagine a Lego game. It would mean changing a lot of things… I played hours and hours of Lego Lord of the Rings, and you kill people but not kill people, because they're Lego characters."

Yeah... I'm still not seeing it.

via Gamesindustry International

Posted on: 11/21/2014 | ? Comments
Tags: Assassins Creed, AC, Ubisoft, toys, saga, ip, brand, lego, mega blocks, Video Game News
Nicholas Greene

A gamer at heart, Nick started writing when he was a child. He holds a BA in English, works as a freelancer, and loves every minute of it. One day, he hopes to net himself a career in game design - but that's something for the future.

The views of GameDynamo's writers are not necessarily the views of the website as a whole. However, we support freedom of speech and enjoy diverse opinions about video games. Hopefully you do too!

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