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E3 2015: PlayStation Press Event Livestream, Highlights, and Announcements

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Author: Eoin Bradley  

E3 2015: PlayStation Press Event Highlights


E3 2015 - Sony Conference

- The show has kicked off as usual with a montage. "Here we fucking go!". Really? Usual Sony suspects present in the montage. Shawn Layden comes on to introduce us to what they have to show. Hopefully he'll keep it brief.

- He's rocking a neat little grey beard. Nice try Shawn.

E3 2015 - The Last Guardian

- First game has been long anticipated. The Last Guardian!!

- Gameplay trailer. Looks about the same as you might expect, but it's great to see it in motion.

- It seems awfully like Ico, but I guess that's what we should expect from Team Ico.

- That's how you start a press conference. Shuhei Yoshida has taken the stage to talk about the game. He seems awfully happy. Not much of a release date given. 2016 is better than nothing, I suppose. Now on the PS4.

- Fumito Ueda pointed out in the crowd gets a big round of applause.

E3 2015 - Fumito Ueda

- Guerrilla Games are introduced. Hermen Hulst. Looks to be their new title. Horizon. It's set in the future, but after our civilisation has fallen. Bring on the robot dinosaurs.

E3 2015 - Horizon: Zero Dawn

- Straight into a gameplay demo. This too looks rather good.

- Red-headed heroine, hunting robots as if they were real animals. Attempting to harvest cannisters on the backs of the smaller herd of robots. They bolt and she's left to battle a larger robot.

- Horizon: Zero Dawn.

- Now a new Hitman title. They really are pushing the boat out with this opening. It's a CG trailer, showing Agent 47 training in the snow, interspersed with a number of hits assassination targets. "Good to have you back", says Diana.

- The wonderfully named Asad Qizilbash now on-stage to talk about the new Hitman. Sounds like a digital title. Console exclusive beta when they pre-order the game. With six exclusive contracts at launch, December 8th 2015.

- Street Fighter V. Introducing Birdie and Cammy. Pre-order for beta access, which is due to start on July 23rd.

- Now onto No Man's Sky. Sean Murray is showing the game being played. It opens in deep space, amidst a massive on-going battle. He doesn't get involved. Instead he shows off the star map. It's absolutely massive. He picks a a random planet and warps there. He apologises if anything goes wrong.

E3 2015 - No Man's Sky

- Nothing appears to go wrong as far as the audience is aware. It's a rather short demo, but it certainly showed off the huge potential of the game. Not much time for such an anticipated title.

E3 2015 - No Man's Sky

- The new game from Media Molecule. Dreams. Journeying through the dreams of other PS4 users. Looks like a moving painting. You can piece together environments from other user's creations. Then you can reach in and animate those creations. I think you'll need time with this to fully appreciate it.

E3 2015 - Dreams Media Molecule

- The potential variety looks mind-boggling. Polar bears in snow, Space ship battles in a futuristic city. Teddy bears battling zombies. And a guy playing the piano. With a polar's head. Wild.

- Asad introduces Firewatch from Campo Santo. Will make its console debut on Playstation 4. Mystery set in the Wyoming wilderness. Heavy on first-person narrative. Great aesthetic.

- Adam Boyes now. Talking about Destiny. New DLC maybe?

- The Taken King. Finally confirmed after all the leaks and rumours. Oryx, father of Crota. "He's coming for you. Can you blame him?". Release date of 15th September 2015. Exclusive content for PS4.

- On to Assassin's Creed Syndicate. This is breathless stuff.

- The focus is on Evie Frye this time round. Weapon breakdown trailer. She's a badass. Dreadful Crimes will be a series of exclusive missions only on the PS4.

- New Final Fantasy title. World of Final Fantasy. Cutesy crossed with a Kingdom Hearts-style. Not exactly sure what this was meant to be. Exclusive on PS4 and PS Vita in 2016.

- Final Fantasy VII remake! First on PS4! A big get for Sony. Will this get talked about again tomorrow at the Square Enix press event.

- Four new titles from Devolver Digital. Ronin, Eitr, Mother Russia Bleeds and Crossing Souls, all making their debut on PS4. These indie titles look good. Devolver has had a good run of late.

- On to a Kickstarter campaign. Shenmue!! Sony are crushing this E3. It's just ridiculous.

- Yu Suzuki takes to the stage to talk about his new Kickstarter project, Shenmue III! This is going to take off. He'll definitely raise some cash.

E3 2015 - Yu Suzuki

- Adam Boyes thanks the crowd and bows out, leaving us with a CG trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight. Out next week. Joker is being cremated in the video.

- Into a first person cop-eye view of a diner in Gotham City. Controllable by the player. Approaches a guy who's smoking and all hell breaks loose. Must be scarecrow's fear toxin, surely. This genuinely looks rather unsettling.

- Scarecrow Nightmare missions. Available exclusiely on the PS4, June 23rd.

E3 2015 - Morpheus VR

- Andrew House now to talk about Proect Morpheus, and it's potential for multiplayer gaming - shows off RIGS, a new IP from Guerrilla Cambridge. Some kind of VR robot battler, an e-sports wannabe.

A bunch of other Morpheus titles were alluded to, but nothing really shown in any depth. Eve Valkyrie, Godling, The Deep, World War Toons, Wayward Sky. They're all available on the E3 show floor, and Andrew says the lines are worth the wait.

E3 2015 - Morpheus VR

He also talked about Playstation Music (with Spotify) and Playstation Vue - a la carte TV channel subscriptions. No more bundle subscriptions.

- Call of Duty. We knew they had it. Partnership with Activision, another big get for Sony. Black Ops III. Mark Lamia to talk to the "Playstation Nation".


- Multiplayer co-op gameplay demo. Looks like Call of Duty. Four player co-op. David Vonderhaar from Treyarch enters the stage. We're told it'll be available for hands-on at E3 this week.


- Another trailer follows, introducing more multiplayer. PS4 users will be the first to play all the game's map packs, in addition to first beta access when pre-ordering. The Playstation is the new home for Call of Duty apparently.

- Let's take a short break for a montage of the games talked about already, and some that haven't been mentioned.

E3 2015 - Shawn Layden

- Shawn Layden is back, to introduce Disney Infinity 3.0. Rise Against the Empire playset will be available on Playstation 4 a month before other platforms. World premiere of the trailer and the Boba Fett figure. It will arrive "before the holidays" to the PS4.

- Shawn again, about to show off more Star Wars: Battlefront again. Patrick Bach from DICE on stage to talk about it. Introducing the Survival game type. Horde mode for Battlefront essentially, I think.

- Next... Not sure which planet this is taking place on, but it looks terribly pretty. Could it be from Episode VII? Survival mode can be played Solo or Co-op.

- Almost wrapped up. What are they going to leave us with? Uncharted 4, most likely.

- Yep. Drake and Sully. Gameplay demo. It takes place in a marketplace, rather than a shoreline. Drake is just standing there though. Controller battery died? Demo has restarted... Not the best way to end a great show guys, but I figure people will forgive you for this hiccup.

- Nathan Drake charmingly makes his way through the market hustle and bustle, only to be greeted by gunfire and an armoured vehicle. Standard Uncharted gunplay. It looks incredible though.

Uncharted 4 Market Battle

- The pair escape their pursuers, into a jeep to tear through the streets of this city. It seems remarkably open-ended. They tear down side streets, all the while trying to avoid the attention of the mounted guns of said armoured vehicle.

E3 2015 - Uncharted 4

- After navigating loads of steps, an amphitheater and a building site, Drake and his buddy catch sight of their intended target, a guy being pestered by machine gun-weilding motorbikers. They follow underneath the highway, and the chase culminates in Drake using his grappling hook to snare a crane on the road above. Just as he's about to smash into some scaffolding, we fade to black.

- Bruce Straley from Naughty Dog was on stage to play it. And with the demo's conclusion, the show is over.

That was one hell of a show. They announced three games that you could no doubt find at the top of a lot of gamers' wish lists. The Last Guardian. A remake of Final Fantasy VII. Shenmue III. They showed Horizon, which looked great, and casually threw in a new Hitman game, hopefully we'll hear more about that tomorrow. They kept the Morpheus chat to a minimum, rather surprisingly. Barely a mention of the PS Vita either. Just games on top of games.

If you missed any of it, you can watch it all again here. It was epic, and if you did miss it, you probably should watch it. Do yourself a favour. Do you think anything tomorrow can top that? What else are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below.


Sony will be capping off Monday, June 15’s E3 conferences with the PlayStation E3 Press Conference at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena at 6:00 PM Pacific Time.

Are we going to see more of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End? More Ratchet & Clank? Maybe even The Last Guardian finally? Tune in live to, Twitch, YouTube or the Live Events Viewer app on the PS3 and PS4 to find out. And don’t worry if you miss it. We’ll have a recap of the highlights ready for you.

Posted on: 06/15/2015 | ? Comments
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Eoin Bradley

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