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E3 2015: Bethesda E3 Showcase Livestream, Highlights, and Announcements

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Author: Peter Grimm  

E3 2015: Bethesda Press Conference Highlights


Note: If you'd like to just find out what happened, start reading! If you'd like to watch the whole thing, scroll down or click here and watch the Bethesda E3 Showcase video!

- The event begins with a video in which the developers of Bethesda Game Studios speak about their passion for their art and excitement for E3, asking "Are you ready?" before a fast montage of footage from Fallout 4, Doom and the rest of the event's games plays.

- Bethesda VP of Marketing, Pete Hines, takes the stage to welcome the attendees and thank all of Bethesda's fans. He then proceeds to kick off the introduction for Doom.

Pete Hines introduces Bethesda at E3

- id Software waxes nostalgic about staples of classic Doom before a gameplay demo begins. It begins on a Martian facility and quickly makes with brutal anti-demon combat full of shotguns, chainsaws, head-destroying melee takedowns, and flying demon parts, all the while moving at a blisteringly-fast pace. 

- id then shows off quick footage Doom's multiplayer, which promises to provide a new spin on the fast-paced Arena FPS gameplay the developer is known for. Multiplayer, id announced, will also be supported by an in-game toolset called Doom Snapmap, which will enable players to create their own maps and modes.


- Finally, id gives the fans one more look at the game's single-player, this time showing gameplay set in Hell itself and offering a better look at the technologically-enhanced hellspawn players will be blowing to bits when the game arrives, it was then announced, in Spring 2016 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

- Pete Hines then announces, a new framework that will unify all of Bethesda's games and forums going forward, in addition to user-created content like what will be made in Doom Snapmap.

- Next up is free-to-play competitive team-brawler Battlecry. New gameplay footage accompanies the news that sign-ups are now being accepted for a Global Beta that will take place later this year.

- Dishonored 2 is now an official thing. Arkane Studios, makers of the original 2012 stealth-action title, take the stage and unveil a cinematic trailer featuring a look at a new female protagonist and a more technologically-advanced society. Players will be able to play as both the female character and Dishonored 1 protagonist Corvo, and just as before, they will be free to play as stealthily or aggressively as they choose.

Dishonored 2

- Along with the sequel, the original Dishonored is getting a current-gen "Definitive Edition" that will come packed with all of the game's add-on content.

- A new trailer is revealed for The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimted, showing off some of the new locations and content the MMO will receive throughout the coming months.

- And in related news, a new Elder Scrolls game was announced, a strategy card game named The Elder Scrolls Legends. Not much else was said, other than that it will be free-to-play and released for PC and iPad later this year.

- At last, what everyone has been waiting for. After teasing the audience for a moment about ending the event there, Bethesda Game Studios comes on stage and introduces the long-awaited Fallout 4. BGS talks about the insane amount of detail going into the game, right down to the buttons on computer consoles, before showing off a huge load of concept art. 

Fallout 4

- Then comes the gameplay, which actually begins in a house before the nuclear apocalypse. Highlighted during the seemingly peaceful sequence is the dynamic character-creation system, voice acting for the protagonist and the new option to play as a female character. It then ends with a quick look at the world outside before all of it is consumed by a nuclear blast.

- Without going into spoiler territory, Bethesda reveals that Fallout 4 will take place 200 years after the blast. During the gameplay footage that follows, the game's open world is revealed, as are gameplay features like getting giving commands to a dog, dynamic conversations that players can walk away from, the ability to switch from first to third-person perspectives, an upgraded armor system and -something Fallout 3 fans will recognize- targeting specific sections of enemies' bodies. At the same time, Bethesda stresses that the freedom to take on the world as wants is back and greater than ever before.

- A collector's edition of the game will feature a real-life wearable version of Fallout's iconic PipBoy wrist computer, and players will be able to interact with the game with it. Those who buy the standard version of the game will still be able to get the same features through a mobile companion app.

Fallout 4

- In the middle of the Fallout 4 announcements, BGS surprises the audience by announcing a brand new Fallout game. Fallout Shelter is a mobile title that puts players in charge of creating a Vault, managing resources and maintaining the well-being and happiness of the Vault-dwellers. Not only is the free-to-play game devoid of any gameplay-hindering paywalls... it is available for download now.

- Back to Fallout 4 and a brand new feature: crafting shelters. Using resources strewn about the wasteland, players will be free to construct their own personal shelters and customize them with decorations, defenses and power-generators. Customization will even extend to players' power-armor and base weapons, allowing them to create almost-countless unique permutations.

- Bethesda closes off the Fallout 4 stuff with another gameplay trailer that highlights the many ways players will be able to approach the game's open-ended combat.

- The event ends, but not before the last great mystery hanging over Fallout 4 -its release date- is solved, to much applause and cheering. The long wait for the game finally ends on November 10, 2015.

- (and not before everyone receives an exclusive boxed set of vinyl figures based on Fallout 4, Doom and Dishonored 2)

Bethesda Press Conference Figurine

Want to watch the whole thing? Here it is!


The first-ever Bethesda Softworks E3 Showcase will kick off the E3 2015 news train from the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles on Sunday, June 14, at 7:00 PM Pacific Time. Expect the first proper glimpses of Fallout 4 and the new Doom, as well as a few more surprises.

The event will be viewable from Twitch. If you can’t catch it, don’t worry. We’ll have a recap of the highlights on this very page when it’s over.

Posted on: 06/14/2015 | ? Comments
Tags: E3 2015, E3, Bethesda, Press Event, Fallout, Media, Press Conference, Highlights, Announcements, News
Peter Grimm

A writer, journalist, and aspiring storyteller, Peter Grimm has been gaming since the days of the Nintendo 64, and reporting on the goings-on in the World of Gaming since late 2011. His base of writing operations is located within the void between Here and There, or so he would have you think.

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