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Ska Studios finally unleashes Salt & Sanctuary on the PS4 next week

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Author: Eoin Bradley  

Salt & Sanctuary

At long last, a release date for Salt & Sanctuary! March 15th, next week. Whoop! Don't tell me you've never heard of it. I may not have mentioned it (or if I did, only in passing), but these are the kinds of games I like to keep my eye on in between waiting for the next major blockbuster. Ska Studios - known for The Dishwasher games, and other assorted indie-type titles on the Xbox - has been talking about this since the middle of 2014 when it was announced on the Playstation Blog for release on the PS4 and PS Vita.

It's a 2D action platformer - as is their forte - but with significant RPG elemenets. It wears its Souls influences clearly on its sleeve (steep learning curve, massive boss enemies, rewarding combat) but also pays obvious homage to the side-scrolling platformer classics such as the Castlevania series. You can customise your appearance as well as your equipment loadout to tailor your character's playstyle however you please - Want to the play a heavy-hitting, but light on his feet, barbarian? Strap on a warhammer and no armour. How about a lightening-wielding priest? Or a heavily armoured knight equipped only with a massive shield? The options shown in the below trailer alone have me suitably impressed. In reality, it's probably no different from your Dark Souls or your Bloodborne, but that fact that it's all in hand-drawn/hand-animated 2D, just makes it all the sweeter.

Late last month it was revealed that Salt & Sanctuary would incorporate co-operative play between two players. You can bring a friend in to adventure along side you, perhaps help you out with a particularly monstrous boss battle. Not only that but you can initiate PvP battles if you fancy venting your frustration on your partner. That should certainly lighten the mood from the rather bleak environments you'll be trudging through. It's all creepy jesters, skewered bodies, cage-headed prisoners and buckets of blood. It looks absolutely ace, doesn't it?

At $18(£15 - which is actually more like $21.5. Seriously, WTF?!) though, it's not exactly a throw-away indie title - though I'm sure there's plenty of depth and longevity for your money - but if you feel like it's a little steep you might want to consider pre-ordering. Up until launch the PlayStation Store is offering a, quite frankly measly, 10% discount. Alternatively you could just wait a couple of months and they'll give it away for free via PlayStation Plus, but honestly, where's the fun in that?

The game is also coming to Sony's Vita handheld at some currently unknown point in the future, and will be cross-bought if you pick it up for the PS4, which is always bonus. With their history of producing games for the Xbox, an Xbox One version hasn't been ruled out by Ska Studios, but nothing has been set in stone as yet.

What do you reckon to Salt & Sanctuary? Another indie title you'll be staunchly ignoring? Or a potentially thrilling masterpiece? Co-op heaven or side-scrolling hell? Let me know what you think in the comments down below.

Source: Ska Studios

Posted on: 03/10/2016 | ? Comments
Tags: Salt & Sanctuary, Ska Studios, PlayStation 4, PS4. PS Vita, release date, discount, Video Game News
Eoin Bradley

Eoin has been gaming for twenty-five years, worries he might be getting a little too old for it all, but hopes that he isn't. In the midst of an effort to find a future doing something he loves, he has taken to writing about his one enduring passion - video games.

The views of GameDynamo's writers are not necessarily the views of the website as a whole. However, we support freedom of speech and enjoy diverse opinions about video games. Hopefully you do too!

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