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Digital Reality



DIGITAL REALITY is the oldest and one of the most well known Hungarian game development companies. The founding core of the team started to work together under the name of AMNESTY DESIGN in the early 90s and their ?rst game, REUNION was released to the Commodore Amiga and IBM PC in 1994.
Later the company name was changed to DIGITAL REALITY and the work began on the acclaimed and award winning IMPERIUM GALACTICA series. In the following years games like HAEGEMONIA - LEGIONS OF IRON, PLATOON and DESERT RATS VS. AFRIKA KORPS were produced, which achieved multiple 90% review ratings throughout the globe.
The Company's published PC and console games:
1994 - Reunion (Grand Slam, Amiga/PC)
1997 - Imperium Galactica (GT Interactive, PC)
1999 - Imperium Galactica II: Alliances (GT Interactive, PC)
2001 - Haegemonia: Legions of Iron (Dreamcatcher Interactive, PC)
2001 - Baby Felix Shuf?e Puck (LSP, PC)
2001 - Dinosaur?US (LSP, PC)
2002 - Extreme Ghostbusters (LSP, PC)
2002 - Robin Hood Tournament (LSP, PC)
2002 - Platoon (Strategy First, PC)
2002 - Papyrus (LSP, PC)
2003 - Haegemonia: The Solon Heritage (Wanadoo, PC)
2004 - Desert Rats vs. Afrika Korps (Monte Cristo, PC)
2004 - D-Day (Monte Cristo, PC)
2006 - War on Terror (Deep Silver, PC)
2007 - War Front: Turning Point (CDV, PC)
2010 - Scarabeus: Pearls of Nile (DR Publishing, iPhone)
2010 - Liberty Wings (DR Publishing, iPhone)
2011 - Dead Block (Candygun Games, DR Publishing, X360, PS3, PC)
2011 - SkyDrift (DR Publishing, X360, PS3, PC)
2011 - Sine Mora (co-developed by Grasshopper Manufacture, PS3, X360)


Latest News:

Digital Reality and Grasshopper Manufacture's Sine Mora is coming to PSN

NEWS (Posted on: 06/21/2012)

Digital Reality and Grasshopper Manufacture's Sine Mora is coming to PSN
Sine Mora, Digital Reality and Grasshopper Manufacture's highly acclaimed bullet hell shooter, has just been announced for the PlayStation Network! The Dieselpunk, 2.5D shooter enjoyed an extremely... [more+]

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Bang Bang Racing (PC, PS3, X360)2012
Black Knight Sword (PS3, X360)2012
SkyDrift (PC, PS3, X360)2011
Dead Block (PC, PS3, X360)2012
Sine Mora (PC, PS Vita, PS3, X360)2012