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Piranha Games


Piranha Games Inc. was founded in January 2000 by Russ Bullock and Bryan Ekman, two passionate gamers in their own right, who set out to create the 'perfect' company. This would ultimately include enviable corporate alliances, the pick of the best talent Vancouver has to offer, and an impressive company resume of exciting titles.

With the original vision for the company still holding true, the company has grown a lot in the last two years. Currently in production on several projects ranging from R&D development of new technologies to a AAA licensed franchise on the Xbox 360, Wii, and PS3, Piranha Games Inc. employs a legion of experienced engineers, artists, game designers, and producers ready to take on any task.


Latest News:

MechWarrior Online cancer-benefit sale honors fallen fan

NEWS (Posted on: 07/24/2013)

MechWarrior Online cancer-benefit sale honors fallen fan
Piranha Games, developer of the free-to-play action MMO MechWarrior Online, is doing something special to honor one of its fans. In remembrance of Sarah Parries, a five-year-old MWO player who lost... [more+]

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