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Galaxy on Fire, 2, GOF, Fishlabs, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Mobile, video game, games, juego, juegos, videojuegos

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Galaxy on Fire 2 Box Art
System/s: Mobile
Developer: Fishlabs
Publisher: Fishlabs
Genre: Sci-Fi Sim
Players: 1
GD Score: 80
Press Scores
Release Date:
N. America: Oct. 27, 2010
Europe: Oct. 27, 2010
Australia: Oct. 27, 2010
Japan: Oct. 27, 2010
ESRB: Teen

"Star Hoards"


Author: Scott Vanderheyden  

Are you sick and tired of short, bite-sized games on the iPhone?  Do you want a galaxy-wide game that takes hours to complete and days to do and find everything?  Are you patient enough to wait a few minutes to travel between destinations while doing absolutely nothing?  Well, Galaxy on Fire 2 is the game for you!  Seriously though, Galaxy on Fire 2 is a spacefaring game set in an expansive galaxy with dozens upon dozens of activities to perform, missions to complete, people to talk to, items to collect, and achievements to unlock.  Unfortunately, getting to the fun stuff takes more time than it should.

Galaxy on Fire 2, like its predecessor, is a simple game.  Traversing from planet to planet, players complete story and side missions in order to buy upgrades for their spaceship to complete progressively more difficult missions.  Missions can be broken down to combat, escort, trade, and collection types with different variants.  As you complete missions or collect salvage, you gain credits to purchase new ships and equipment using the multitude of space station hangars.  Galaxy on Fire 2’s main problem is that gaining access to powerful ships and fun missions takes a lot of credits and a lot of time.

Galaxy on Fire 2 (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)
- Players have an expansive galaxy to explore -

After more than two hours into Galaxy on Fire 2’s story mode, I finally earned enough credits to buy a decent ship that could handle well and do more than just mine meteors.  The amount of time to complete missions is drawn-out by long periods of space traversal from one wavepoint to the next with nothing to shoot in between.  Until you can get a decent boost drive, expect to wait minutes travelling between destinations.  I literally made a sandwich in the time it took to travel from one mission to another due to the obnoxious inability to fast travel between galaxies as long as there is a galaxy in between them.  If science fiction has taught us anything, it’s that it is possible to travel from one warp gate to another regardless of location.  Fortunately, patient spacefarers will find that Galaxy on Fire 2’s gameplay becomes fast and fun with responsive and well laid out controls.

Galaxy on Fire 2’s graphics are impressive with detailed textures and excellent color design.  However, the art design definitely takes cues from popular science fiction, which makes the visual experience uninspired at times.  Character portraits are amateurish.  The music score is appropriately subdued and ambient, with high-powered sound effects providing a much-appreciated contrast.  The character voice-overs are badly acted.

Galaxy on Fire 2 (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)
- Upgrading your rig takes a while but rewards the patient -

Overall, Galaxy on Fire 2 is a massive game with an equally massive amount of time commitment required to get to the fun stuff.  Most players will dismiss the game due to its slow beginning, but diligent players will discover a rewarding galaxy to explore.

GameDynamo's Score for Galaxy on Fire 2 (Mobile)
Stunning visuals are marred by low polygon models and occasional glitches.
The music and sound effects are appropriately sci-fi and easy to listen to. The voice work is badly acted.
The game gets more fun as it progresses. Lengthy loading and traversal times as well as game crashes bog down the action.
Play Value
The dozens upon dozens of missions to complete, planets to visit, and ships to buy is astounding. A huge number of Game Center achievements add replayability for perfectionists.
Final Score  80  
Starts off slow, but warp speeds into a deep, challenging, and, most importantly, entertaining space experience.

Posted on 11/10/2010 | Game Played on: N/A
Scott Vanderheyden

He's always enjoyed the artistic craft of video games and received a Bachelor in Fine Arts for Animation. He also creates his own games!

The views of GameDynamo's writers are not necessarily the views of the website as a whole. However, we support freedom of speech and enjoy diverse opinions about video games. Hopefully you do too!

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