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"In a world of locked doors, the man with the key is King, and honey, you should see me in a crown."

NatalieZed's Bio

Natalie Zina Walschots is a music writer, poet, and editor based in Toronto, Ontario. She writes about comic books, video games, combat sports, sadomasochism, feminism, and difficult music for a number of publications, both in print and online, and currently serves as the Managing Editor of Canada Arts Connect, as well as the Reviews Editor of This Magazine. She also has published books - DOOM: Love Poems For Supervillains and Thumbscrews, which won a Robert Kroetsch Award.

NatalieZed's Published Articles

Review (Trolls Vs. Vikings) - By Zeus' Beard 02/27/2014
Review (Darklings) - Dark Gestures: Darklings 02/25/2014
Review (WWE 2K14) - Heir to the Throne 02/07/2014
Preview (Trolls Vs. Vikings) - No Trolling Allowed 09/20/2013
Review (The Elder Scrolls Anthology) - That Which Has Come Before 09/19/2013
Review (Plants vs. Zombies 2) - Deadly Nightshade 09/16/2013
Review (BioShock Infinite) - A Glimpse of the Infinite 04/01/2013
Review (Crysis 3) - Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing 03/19/2013
Review (Final Fantasy All The Bravest) - All The Way To The Bank 02/01/2013
Review (Minigore 2: Zombies) - Goregrind 01/23/2013

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