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Gamer girls are awesome

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I have been gaming since I was in high school, before it was acceptable for a girl to do it. I have been a writer for even longer. It's only natural the two would combine. I prefer RPGs, action/adventure, and strategy games, but I also play dancing, sports titles, and shooters.

geek gyrl's Published Articles

Preview (Soul Sacrifice) - What Choice Do You Have? 11/14/2012
Preview (LEGO The Lord of the Rings) - You Shall Not Pass 10/02/2012
Review (Guild Wars 2) - Return to Asccalon 09/24/2012
Preview (007 Legends) - Want to Be the Most Famous Spy? 09/09/2012
Preview (Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time) - Where in Time is Sly? 07/24/2012
Preview (Joe Danger: The Movie) - Really, I am a Stuntman! 07/19/2012
Review (Mini Ninjas Adventures) - Ninja Attack! 07/12/2012
Preview (ARMA III) - Lone Wolf or Combat Leader? 07/04/2012
Review (Fable Heroes) - Stringless Puppets 05/29/2012
Preview (Rock Band Blitz) - Strike a New Chord 05/11/2012

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