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John loves gaming and loves writing about games. He wants to become a known voice in the gaming community and a game designer one day.

jarkontaky's Published Articles

Review (SimCity) - Big Wheel Keep on Turnin' 03/27/2013
Review (The Walking Dead: The Game) - Brutal. Beautiful. Brilliant. 01/07/2013
Partial Review (The Walking Dead: The Game) - Ep. 5: No Time Left - 'The End... or the Beginning?' 01/03/2013
Partial Review (The Walking Dead: The Game) - Ep. 4: Around Every Corner - 'Point-and-Click Perfection' 10/30/2012
Preview (Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel) - A New Drug with an Old Name 10/08/2012
Review (Borderlands 2) - Elbows-Deep in Guns, Neck-Deep in Awesome 10/02/2012
Partial Review (The Walking Dead: The Game) - Ep. 3: Long Road Ahead - 'Crazy Train' 09/12/2012
Review (The Amazing Spider-Man) - Amazing-ly Easy 09/07/2012
Review (Darksiders II) - A Hell of a Good Time 08/14/2012
Partial Review (The Walking Dead: The Game) - Ep. 2: Starved for Help - 'Great Drama, Gameplay Gaffe' 07/05/2012

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